AQA BUSS4 Section A Research Theme Briefing 2014

tutor2u is once again the leading provider of support material for teachers and students preparing for AQA BUSS4 in June 2015. Our BUSS4 Research Task Toolkit for the Section A theme can now be pre-ordered. Our programme of BUSS4 Section A CPD Briefing Days is booking fast - all the details here on how to attend. Our BUSS4 exam revision workshops are running in Spring 2015 - details here

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EntrepreneurLIVE! 2014

Bring your students to meet some of our fantastic line-up of entrepreneurs at the UK's leading student enrichment event for business & enterprise education. EntrepeneurLIVE! 2014 is coming to London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast and Edinburgh Oct & Nov 2014

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The Engaged Learner - CPD Course

The Engaged Learner is the CPD course from tutor2u that is packed full of practical ideas to improve the quality of teaching and learning within EVERY classroom. The Engaged Learner provides teachers from all subjects with dozens of teaching & learning resources and strategies that can be used immediately within the classroom allowing teachers to deliver more creative, effective and outstanding lessons.

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Exam coaching and revision workshops from tutor2u

We have an increasing range of revision guides which are ideal resources to support the final stages of revision for AS & A2 Economics & Business Studies. Order them online now and we'll despatch them as soon as possible.

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New A level Specifications - first teaching Sept 2015

Download our free briefings on the new A Level specifications and grab places at our resource-packed CPD courses to fast-track your preparation for the new teaching content and methods of assessment

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WOW! Business 2015 - teaching & learning resources for EVERY business teacher

We're delighted to announce the initial programme of dates and locations for WOW! Business 2015 - our new flagship CPD course for ALL teachers of business. WOW! Business follows in the giant footsteps of TBBLE and builds on the phenomenal success of the resources provided over four years of TBBLE events! 

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CPD courses for Economics Teachers

We have some fantastic CPD courses coming up in the summer term for Economics Teachers! Book yourself and your colleagues on these inspirational and resource-packed courses - simply the best AS/A2 Economics CPD available!

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WOW! Psychology 2014 - Resource-Packed CPD for Psychology Teachers

Discover and fantastic collection of teaching & learning resources for A Level Psychology. This course is packed with brand new engaging and effective resources and approaches. We'll have time during the day to explore as many as possible with lots of extra teaching resources also in the delegate pack to try once you are back at school or college!

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WOW! Law 2014 - Teaching & Learning Resources for GCSE & A Level Law

WOW! Law is designed to provide a comprehensive portfolio of teaching & learning resources for GCSE & A Level Law courses following the successful and popular format we've run recently for Economics, Politics and other subjects.

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Kinaesthetic Cash Flow

Kinaethetic Cash Flow

This activity is a more kinaesthetic approach to use when teaching cash flow forecasting. The resource is best used as a main activity for consolidating the learning on producing a cash flow forecast. Best carried out in groups of 3 students, each group is given a copy of the business information, a cash flow forecasting template and a pack of numbers. The students simply need to use the business information to ascertain where each of the numbers goes on the cash flow template.

Gambles - Turnaround Troubleshooter

Turnaround Troubleshooter

A comprehensive case study on a fictitious company called Gambles - a manufacturer of pies. Students are asked to work for a business consultancy called Omega Strategy, which has been asked to advise on the turnaround strategic options available to the family-owned Gambles business. A series of analytical and evaluative tasks can be undertaken on the exhibits that are provided to help students assess the options for the business.

The Accountant

The Accountant

The accountant is a multi-purpose learning strategy for delivering profit and loss accounts. The activity can be done individually or in pairs however we believe that it works best done in small groups. The resources involves students acting as accountants for a fictional accountancy firm. They need to work together and produce a profit and loss account for a pizza restaurant and takeaway called, Pete’s ‘A’ Place.

Headhunter Recruitment

Headhunter Recruitment

This activity allows students to get involved in a simulated recruitment case study. Students are placed as a team belonging to the best headhunting company in the UK. A high street clothing chain needs a new team of senior executives to rescue their reputation and sales after some terrible publicity. Students are presented with applicant overviews and notes of 10 potential candidates. Which three candidates should be chosen to form the new executive team - and why?

Pie Factory

Pie Factory

Pie Factory is a fun whole class game that helps students develop their understanding of revenues, costs and profits. Students are organised into teams who take on the management roles at a pie factory. Each round decisions are taken about how many pies to produce and the prices at which they will be offered. The teacher determines which team gets various orders and the students have to calculate their costs, revenues and profit for orders received. The team that makes the highest profit at the end of the game wins!

Paperchain Paragraphs

Paper Chain Paragraphs

This activity is intended to help students develop their ability to write persuasive, well-structured arguments in response to more complex business exam questions. It encourages the use of connectives to fully develop a point. It also has kinaesthetic elements and some opportunity for peer assessment. Students can be given support by being given a structure to follow during the activity, or they can be challenged by being given very little structure.

Paperchain Paragraphs

Handling Customer Complaints

This resource allows students to consider how different types of customer complaints arise and how they can be handled. There are two case studies for students to use in this resource - an airport and a theme park. Working in groups, students examine different types of customer complaint received by the airport or the theme park. Amongst the points that students consider are: - How could each complaint be registered? - How would the method of registration affect the handling of the complaint? - Who is ultimately responsibe for resolving the complaint?

Paperchain Paragraphs

Making Finance Fun - Ratio Formula Cards

This is an excellent activity for consolidating learning on ratios and ratio analysis. It is a highly kinaesthetic activity and very good for facilitating whole class discussion. At the front of the class, the cards are spread out on a spare table. Shout out a ratio and ask a volunteer to come to the front, select the correct card and physically make the ratio by sticking it on the board in the correct order. The class need to say whether or not they agree or disagree with the construction.

Paperchain Paragraphs

Motivation Movers

This activity is designed to introduce students to motivation theory whilst also building their application, analysis and evaluation skills.











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