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Q&A from AQA: Holistic Marking

Below you will find a question and response from AQA in relation to: Holistic Marking.


Can you explain with the new bandings how to use them with A01 and A03 in the same bandings. What if a student's knowledge is accurate and generally well detailed (level 4) but their discussion / evaluation / application is limited, poorly focused or absent (Level 1).

I was told at a course that: Imagine it was an 8 mark (4 Ao1 and 4 Ao3). If the student hasn't put any A03 at all then the most they can get is 4. The 4 remaining marks are then stretched over all the bandings. I.e to get 4/4 for description they would have to hit all the features of the top band for the things that are relevant for A01.

What I was told at a course seems to be different to others so could you confirm whether this was right please.


"The assessment should be approached as an holistic one. Examiners would look at the overall quality of the answer first and assign a level from the mark band. The examiner would then allocate marks. Please refer to the 'Level of response marking instructions' for guidance. These can be found in the front of the mark scheme."

Question 2

I am afraid this doesn’t answer my question. What if there is no evaluation present at all (A03) but the description is excellent (A01). Are they limited to level one as there is no evaluation present.

Response 2

"If a student could show all relevant AO1 marks for the top band then they could be awarded these. They could only be awarded the marks for AO1 if their were no AO3 points. I hope this helps."

Question 3

I am not sure that reply makes sense. Can you clarify if I have understood. If they have done all relevant A01 points then they can get 6/6 for those and if no A03 present then they have a max of 6/12 and cannot be awarded any A03 marks.

Final Response

I am sorry for not getting my original email to you correct. The second sentence in your mail is the right answer.


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