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PowerPoint Revision Game Pack | Physical Development Across Life Stages | BTEC National Health & Social Care

BTEC Level 3

Here are six PowerPoint-based revision games which help students test their knowledge and recall of key terms for the ‘Physical Development Across Life Stages’ topic in Unit 1, BTEC National Health & Social Care.

The downloadable zip file contains six PowerPoint games - all ready to use with key terms from Physical Development Across Life Stages:

  • 60 Second Challenge – match the key phrases to their correct definitions in 60 seconds
  • Conundrum – 5 anagrams of key phrases are presented on screen. Students have 30 seconds to find each key phrase
  • Conveyor Belt Quiz – 5 key phrases roll by on screen. Students have 2 minutes to write out correct definitions
  • Definition Challenge – 3 key phrases are shown. Students have 30 seconds to define each phrase
  • Question Grid – 9 key phrases are shown on screen. Students must define each. Great bell work activity as students start or finish their class.
  • True or False – 5 key phrases are shown. For each phrase, students must determine whether the definition on screen matches up.

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