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Hitler & Drexler's 25 Point Programme

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The 25 Point Programme was drawn up by Hitler and Drexler to plan our their vision for a perfect Germany. It was based around the ideas of Nationalism and Socialism and wove the ideas of anti-semitism into their policies. The 25 point programme is below:

  1. The unity of all German-speaking peoples into one greater Germany.

  2. The destruction of the Treaty of Versailles.

  3. Colonies and land to feed Germany’s population.

  4. Only Germans can be citizens. No Jew can be a German.

  5. People in Germany who are not citizens must obey special laws for foreigners.

  6. Only German citizens can vote, be employed or hold public office.

  7. Citizens are entitled to a job and a decent standard of living.

  8. No immigration of non-German must be allowed. Anyone who has come to since 1914 must be removed.

  9. All citizens have equal rights

  10. The duty of a citizen is find employment

  11. All unemployment benefits should end.

  12. All profits made during the war must be shared.

  13. Nationalisation of public industries including electricity and gas.

  14. Large companies must share their profits with the workers

  15. Pensions must be improved

  16. Help for small shops and businesses; large department stores must be closed down to support this.

  17. Property reform to give small farmers land

  18. Criminals and profiteers must be punished by death.

  19. Reform of the law to make it more German.

  20. Improve education so that all Germans can find employment

  21. Improve people’s health by forcing people to do sport.

  22. Abolition of the Army, and a new People’s Army in its place.

  23. German newspapers must be free of foreign influence.

  24. Freedom of religion.

  25. Strong government with unrestricted authority over Germany.


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