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Teaching Activity | Economic Options and Choices (Scarcity and Opportunity Cost)

Last updated 7 Sept 2022

Here's a quick Powerpoint activity to support the introduction of the topics of scarcity and opportunity cost or could be used to discuss the nature of decision making.

The download resource asks 5 questions. Each question gives students a single option to choose - which of the choices on screen is likely to have the higher figure? The data for these questions has been taken from the most up-to-date trackers on Yougov.co.uk (August 2022).

Teachers can set the activity in a simple way (i.e. students can choose which figure is highest) or turn the resource into a class competition (with students keeping the score of their chosen option and adding them all up at the end of the 5 rounds).

The activity can be used to illustrate how people have to make choices when faced with a scarcity of resources, how decisions have an opportunity cost, how decisions may be influenced by value judgements or when discussing the differences between needs and wants.

Download this teaching activity now!

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