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A-Level Economics Christmas Lesson Quiz Pack for 2020

AS, A Level, IB
AQA, Edexcel, OCR, IB, Eduqas, WJEC

It's here! The traditional annual tutor2u A-Level Economics Christmas Lesson Quiz pack has arrived! Download the pack of PowerPoint quizzes, launch one on screen and put a little Christmas cheer into your lessons this December.

This year we’ve gone with PowerPoint as the quiz platform so you can play each quiz with both students present in class and with those joining the lesson remotely!

Each quiz is a 20-question multiple choice format with 3 possible answers. Quiz participants are shown each of the 20 questions first. Then you can run through the answers to see how everyone has got on!

The 2020 tutor2u A-Level Economics Christmas Lesson Quiz pack comes ready-loaded with two quizzes. There's a 'Year 12 quiz' which includes questions on introductory economics, demand and supply and macroeconomic indicators and objectives . There's also a 'Year 13 quiz' which includes questions on theory of the firm, market structures and government macroeconomic policies.

You also get 3 Festive-themed quizzes that will be a fun treat for any of your classes; ‘Festive Trivia’, ‘Christmas Music’ and ‘Christmas Celebs and Reality TV’

We’ve even included an editable version of the PowerPoint file so that you can create quizzes with your own questions – full instructions come with the pack.

Happy Christmas from everyone at tutor2u!

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