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Arranged marriages into a board game

Adam Walton

5th September 2017

An interesting BBC video came out recently which was discussing arranged marriages in South Asian communities. The video talks through the idea of marriage in a unique way, by allowing the concept to be explained through a board game. This video would be a great method to explain the differing views on marriages coming from cultures around the world. In the classroom, it allows for this cultural practice to be examined in a non-confrontational view point.

BBC News: The game sparking a debate about arranged marriage

Feminist perspective viewpoints are covered explaining that the position of women has changed, therefore, women are not expected to follow these traditional viewpoints any more. This would allow for a discussion of how second generations of immigrants will have differing viewpoints from that of their parents. Whereby, traditional norms and values and incompatible with the country that they live in. 

Adam Walton

Adam is an energetic, enthusiastic and passionate teacher of Sociology and Psychology at a Grammar School in Kent. He is a creative teacher who loves creating innovative ways to teach Sociology and Psychology (often through dance). He is also the Head of PSHE and Citizenship

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