AQA A-Level Sociology Catch Up 2021 - a new online course from tutor2u - is now live! It is designed to support all new Year 13 students as they return to the classroom to prepare for their A-Level Sociology exams in Summer 2021.

AQA A-Level Sociology Catch Up 2021 is designed and presented by a team of experienced AQA A-Level Sociology teachers and examiners.

The AQA A Level Sociology Catch Up 2021 course is organised into a series of “Weeks”, each of which focuses on a core theme or topic area from year 12 that is likely to underpin student success in summer 2021.

Within the series of synoptic themed “Weeks”, students will revisit and reinforce key year 12 learning through a variety of short videos and interactive resources alongside focused work on exam skills. Through this programme, students will be able to tackle year 13 work with greater confidence.

The entire first Week of resources for the course can be viewed for FREE.

Take a look at AQA A-Level Sociology Catch Up 2021 here.


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