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Sentencing Green Paper

Andy Howells

8th December 2010

Ken Clarke published the Government’s Sentencing Green Paper this week. Amongst other things, the proposals are to introduce a unified sentencing regime for all offenders, and to repeal various pieces of legislation that Labour never got around to bringing into force when they were in power. Also, a reduction in sentence of up to 50% for an early guilty plea may be permitted.Also on the table is a significant reduction in the prison population partly by cutting the use of remand, and partly by increased use of community sentencing using private sector providers. We may also see the removal of minimum term sentences for murder, giving judges much more discretion.Of course, a Green Paper is a consultative document, and interested parties can comment online as part of the MoJ’s “Breaking the Cycle” campaign. A good story for teaching legislative process, sentencing and law reform, all in one go!

Andy Howells

Andy Howells is Head of Law at a large northern Sixth Form College and a former solicitor.

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