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Safeguarding the Love Islanders

Liz Blamire

24th January 2023

Week two of the 2023 series of Love Island is underway but what are ITV doing to safeguard the islanders?

Love Island has been plagued by bad press around suicide, mental wellbeing and interpersonal relationships since 2018.

It wasn't until extremely late last year that ITV announced a full set of new and improved safeguarding measures to protect the contestants. So what exactly, are they doing t keep these young people safe?

Islanders will get:

  • Comprehensive psychological support
  • Training for all Islanders on the impacts of social media and handling potential negativity
  • Training for all Islanders on financial management
  • Detailed conversations with Islanders regarding the impact of participation on the show
  • A proactive aftercare package which extends support to all Islanders following their participation on the show
  • Guidance and advice on taking on management after the show

The full duty of care process can be read here: Love Island announces duty of care measures for 2023

Liz Blamire

Liz is a former NHS midwife, who has worked in community, birth centre and acute hospital settings. Liz is an SSAT Accredited Lead Practitioner, who has taught Health and Social Care in FE and secondary schools, where she was a successful HOD. Liz is an experienced senior examiner and author and is the current tutor2u subject lead for Health and Social Care.

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