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A-level results: Deaf students 'proud' after Covid mask struggles

Liz Blamire

6th September 2022

BBC Newsbeat have reported on the challenges of being Deaf when your lessons are on Zoom or your teacher is wearing a mask.

In the BBC report, we learn about Holly who had to retake a year of A Levels because the impact of remote learning and then face masks was too significant.

"On Zoom, there were no subtitles so I essentially just wasn't learning at all as I couldn't understand.

"In terms of confidence, the pandemic knocked me really badly and because of that my grades plummeted."

We also learn about Dinah, who campaigned for clear face masks - many Deaf people rely on lip reading and facial expressions to support their hearing and understanding.

Below you can watch a video by YouTuber Jazzy, who tested out a regular face mask and a clear face mask with her mum, to see if clear face masks really do make a difference to Deaf people.

Liz Blamire

Liz is a former NHS midwife, who has worked in community, birth centre and acute hospital settings. Liz is an SSAT Accredited Lead Practitioner, who has taught Health and Social Care in FE and secondary schools, where she was a successful HOD. Liz is an experienced senior examiner and author and is the current tutor2u subject lead for Health and Social Care.

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