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Revision Flashcards for GCSE Maths (Higher)

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This stunning set of 120 GCSE (9-1) Maths revision flashcards for Higher tier student is designed specifically for the new GCSE 9-1 specifications and suitable for all exam boards.

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Revision Flashcards
AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas, WJEC

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Format: Printed

Number of Cards: 120

Bulk discount: a 10% discount is applied for orders of 5 or more of all tutor2u flashcard packs (any subject)


  • 120 key topic flashcards
  • The key topics at GCSE Higher tier are covered for students to achieve the top grades.
  • Each card is numbered for easy reference and the set is split into six sections:
  • The cards include theory and examples to explain the methods step-by-step clearly.
  • On the front of each card is an eye-catching image. These relate to the topic for students to make memorable connections between each card and its topic.
  • Also on the front of each card is a QR code. This links to our ‘best of revision videos’ selections. We’ve done all the hard work to save students time, and collated the best revision videos currently availablE

Topics Covered

Section 1 Number

•BIDMAS •Rounding and Estimating •Recurring Decimals

•Indices (numerical and algebraic) •HCF, LCM and Prime Factors •Standard Form

•Lower and Upper Bounds •Surds •Arrangements and The Product Rule

Section 2 Algebra

•Coordinate Geometry •Expanding Two and Three Brackets

•Sequences (Linear, Geometric and Quadratic) •Linear Equations

•Linear Graphs (Parallel/Perpendicular Gradients) •Simultaneous Equations (Linear & Linear/Quadratic)

•Factorising Quadratics (inc. ax2 + bx + c and DOTS) •Solving Quadratic Equations

•Quadratic Graphs (Sketching and Graphical Solutions) •Rearranging Formulae

•Inequalities (Linear and Quadratic) •The Quadratic Formula

•Completing the Square •Non-Linear Graphs •The Equation of a Circle

•Functions (Composite and Inverse) •Iteration •Algebraic Fractions

•Algebraic Proof •Trigonometric Graphs •Transforming Graphs

Section 3 Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change

•Ratios and Proportion•Percentage Change •Compound Measures

•Direct and Inverse Proportion •Compound Interest

•Rates of Change Graphs (Gradient and Area) •Growth and Decay

Section 4 Geometry and Measures

•Angles in Parallel Lines •Trigonometry (Basic and Advanced)

•Pythagoras' Theorem •Geometry (inc. Algebra) •Angles in Polygons

•Perimeter and Area (inc. Algebra) •Circumference and Area of a Circle

•Arcs, Sectors and Segments •Projections •Volume and Surface Area of Prisms

•Transformations •Constructions •Loci and Regions

•Volume and Surface Area of Pyramids, Cones and Spheres •Bearings

•Similar Triangles •Length, Area and Volume Scale Factors •Congruency

•Circle Theorems •Vectors

Section 5 Probability

•Probability (AND/OR Rules) •Sample Space Diagrams •Experimental Probability

•Venn Diagrams and Set Notation •Conditional Probability •Frequency Trees

Section 6 Statistics

•Types of Data and Grouped Frequency Tables •Scatter Graphs

•Cumulative Frequency Graphs •Box Plots •Histograms


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