There are many great videos on YouTube for the Stanford Prison Experiment. However, one of my favourites is this 30 minute documentary with footage from the original and commentary by Zimbardo...

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Video: Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment

In this video, Professor Maguire draws on evidence from virtual reality, brain imaging and studies of amnesia to show that the consequences of hippocampal damage are even more far-reaching than...

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Video: Professor Maguire - The Neuroscience of Memory

Here are the first in a series of short (very) videos outlining effective essay technique.

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60 Second Videos on Essay Writing Technique

The BBC has published a short video depicting the story of Izidor Ruckel, who was one of thousands of children found living in terrible conditions in Romanian orphanages, after the...

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Video: Growing Up in A Romanian Orphanage

Ex-World Champion Boxer Ricky Hatton, who won the world light-weight and welterweight titles, describes his battle with depression and his attempted suicide, in a new video on the BBC.

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Ex-World Champion Boxer Ricky Hatton Describes His Battle With Depression
8th January 2017

The Undoing Project


I've just finished reading The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis. It is the story of the collaboration between Avos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman which ultimately lead to the emergence of...

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The Undoing Project

This short, five-minute video, explores the history of attachment and the role of attachment on later mental and physical health outcomes. Dr Leslie Atkinson briefly explores why the process of...

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Video: The Role of Attachment on Mental & Physical Health

The Obedience Topic is one of my favourites and the following video provides a powerful and quite frankly horrendous real-life depiction of what happens when obedience goes wrong. Zimbardo introduces...

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Video: The Authority Hoax - You Don't Know What You Would Do!

We had many requests to produce a proper pad of the popular AQA A Level Psychology Marking Grids - so we have!

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Introducing the AQA A Level Psychology Teacher Marking Grids

Analyzing results and looking for ways to develop your teaching and learning is an important element of any exam cycle. If you didn't get a chance to watch our free...

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AQA AS Psychology: What the Examiner Said - and How to Respond in Summer 2017

It's that time of year when you are starting to think about the Psychology IA report and if you didn't didn't get a chance to attend our FREE CPD webinar,...

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From abstract to appendices - everything you need to know about the IB Psychology IA report

If you're teaching the AQA Optional Topic Schizophrenia this year and didn't get a chance to attend our FREE CPD webinar, then don't panic. All of the resources, including the...

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Are You Teaching Schizophrenia? Watch The Webinar & Download Our Resources Here...

With just two weeks until the start of term, the tutor2u Psychology team have been busy developing a whole new range of resources ready for September. From Course Companions...

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tutor2u Psychology - Weekly Update

Firstly, we would like to wish every psychology student the best of luck in Paper 2. As the exam is in the afternoon, you still have time to check out our...

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AS Psychology: Paper 2 - Good Luck

Paper 2 for AQA AS Psychology is being sat for the very first time this summer. Here are three essential revision videos that we highly recommend all AQA AS students watch...

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3 Essential Revision Videos To Watch Before You Take AQA AS Psychology Paper 2

An impassioned video here from a sufferer of acute anxiety, arguing the case for much greater investment in mental health services and support in the UK.

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Mental Health - Time To Act?

The session content for our upcoming AQA Year 1 (AS) A Level Psychology Workshops is outlined below.

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AQA Year 1 (AS) A Level Psychology Workshop Sessions

Around 1 in 2 of us will go through a traumatic experience of some kind during our lives. For around 1 in 6 the symptoms of trauma will barely fade.

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Treating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


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