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The Wall Street Journal looks at the building blocks that need to be put in place ahead of announcing a Presidential bid! Who will emerge over the next six to...

How to Prepare for a 2020 Presidential Run

Does fake news threaten democracy? A new report from a Commons select committee believes it does - and it wants action taken to respond to the growing influence of digital...

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Does Fake News threaten Democracy in the UK?

A useful short video here from the FT that attempts to explain why turnout in US elections is relatively low compared with the likes of the UK and other established...

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US Politics - What Explains the Low Turnout in the USA?

One to add to the study notes on the use of referenda to shape significant changes in public policy

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How the Irish abortion referendum unfolded

Join us for the enrichment CPD event of 2019 for all A Level Politics teachers. An opportunity to sit back, relax and reinvigorate your subject expertise and passion. Not to be...

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Politics Teacher National Conference 2019
Student videos

Minor Political Parties


Professor Vernon Bogdanor is on fine form in another of his series of lectures on the British party political system. In this lecture he studies in depth the roles played...

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Minor Political Parties

Have we moved from a two-party to a multi-party system even with the result of the 2017 General Election? Here is a wonderful enrichment lecture from Professor Vernon Bognador - full...

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From Two-Party to Multi-Party Politics

What is the primary role of the House of Lords? Is it essentially to scrutinise legislation and amend it as Lords see fit? Ros Altman takes on Bill Cash in...

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Is the House of Lords 'thwarting Brexit'?
Study notes

Classic Liberalism


The classical liberal school of thought is opposed to an expansion in the role of the state. 

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Classic Liberalism

What might the political furore over the Windrush Generation tell us about the conventions of Ministerial Responsibility. David Lammy doesn't hold back here.

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The Windrush Scandal and Ministerial Responsibility

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How realistic is it for a new centrist political party to emerge in Britain? Two leading journalists from the FT consider the likelihood of such a development - would a...

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The case for a new centrist political party in Britain

Here is another quite superb lecture on political parties from Professor Vernon Bogdanor. In this lecture from February 2018 he discusses the history of the British Labour Party.

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The Labour Party - Professor Vernon Bogdanor

I'm not sure there is much that a professional photographer could do for me (photoshop is another matter, of course). However, users of dating apps are increasingly turning to professional...

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Spotting a Business Opportunity in the Dating Market

A thought-provoking piece here from Times columnist David Aaronovitch who argues that the majority in support of Brexit will be reduced to zero as older voters are dying and new...

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The Death of Brexit - as Brexiteers Pass On?

A concise two-minute video here from the Economist summarising the highlights (or lowlights) of the Trump presidency during 2017. 

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Trump's First Year - the Economist

Our good friend Professor Vernon Bognador on fine form again in a special lecture to mark the first anniversary of Trump's election win. A perfect primer for US politics students.

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The 2016 US Presidential Election - One Year On

Will towns rather than cities shape the result of the next General Election? Sky News visits Wigan where many in the local community feel marginalised in economic and political life.

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Inside Britain's 'left behind' towns


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