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Traditional conservative are committed to hierarchic and paternalistic values.

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Traditional Conservatism

Social democracy is an ideological view that wishes to humanise capitalism in the interests of social justice.

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Social Democracy (Socialism)

The "third way" is a middle-ground alternative route to socialism and free-market capitalism.

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Third Way (Socialism)

In simple terms, fraternity refers to the sharing of common interests and beliefs; it implies that a group sharing those beliefs is as close as ‘if they were brothers’.

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Fraternity (Socialism)

It is an article of faith amongst liberals that society should be based upon equality of opportunity.

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Equality of Opportunity (Liberalism)

Liberals believe that the state is akin to an artificial machine and is created by individuals with the express purpose to protect their freedoms.

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Mechanistic Theory (Liberalism)

All liberals believe vociferously in the rights of the individual and by implication belong on the libertarian axis of the political spectrum.

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Minimal State (Liberalism)

Perhaps the most thought-provoking contribution to consider within liberalism is the harm principle.

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Harm Principle (Liberalism)

The social contract is a common term within political discourse which refers to an invisible contract between the people and the state.

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Social Contract (Liberalism)

Classical liberals argue that a free-market (‘free’ that is from government intervention) facilitates the optimum allocation of scarce resources within an economy.

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Laissez-faire Capitalism (Liberalism)

A limited government is one in which the powers of the state are limited by law, usually in a written/codified constitution.

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Limited Government (Liberalism)

The classical liberal school of thought is opposed to an expansion in the role of the state.

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Classical liberalism

Each strand of socialist thought seeks a transformation in the economic structure of society. However, there is considerable disagreement amongst socialists over the means towards building a better alternative to...

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Evolutionary Socialism

Democracy is probably the most commonly associated word with the ideology of liberalism.

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Liberal Democracy (Liberalism)

Individualism is the beating heart of liberal ideology, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the relationship between the individual and the state

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Individualism (Liberalism)

As a German nationalist of the eighteenth century, Johann Herder proclaimed that the nation transcends all other elements of social differentiation.

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Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744−1803)

One of the most significant nationalist thinkers is Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1762) and his conception of the “general will.”

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712−1778)


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