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A short video on one of the by-products of the Cold War. GPS was created by the U.S. military during the Cold War and designed to deliver bombs to...

Cold War: How The Cold War Gave Us Google Maps

Did Margaret Thatcher save Britain? Or did she hold Britain back? Join Intelligence Squared as the explore this question. 

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Intelligence Squared: 'Margaret Thatcher saved Britain'

In the second debate on the Catholic Church, Intelligence Squared debates whether or not the Catholic Church is a force for Good in the World. 

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Intelligence Squared: The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World

The Elgin Marbles have caused disagreement between Greece and Britain as well as historians for over 200 years. Should Britain send them back? Or should Britain keep them? Join Intelligence Squared...

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Intelligence Squared: Should the Elgin Marbles Be Sent Back?

Dresden is often held as an example of the devastation caused by Allied bombing in the Second World War. Was it right to cause such destruction? Join Intelligence Squared to...

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Intelligence Squared: The Allied Bombing of Germany was Unjustifiable

The agreement between the Nazis and the Catholic Church is contentious. Historians have laid the claim that the Catholic Church did too little help the Jews during the Holocaust. Intelligence...

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Intelligence Squared: 'Hitler's Pope'

The Catholic Church has had a long history filled with scandal, betrayal, and crisis. Intelligence Squared debates the question that the the Catholic Church is beyond redemption. 

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Intelligence Squared: 'The Catholic Church is beyond redemption'

Your GCSEs may now be over and you should be celebrating all your hard work. The summer ahead of you will be a long one, filled with possibility and potential....

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Preparing for A Level History

Chamberlain appeased Hitler, gave in to his demands and betrayed the people of Czechoslovakia. Or did he? Intelligence Squared explores this issue with an esteemed panel of historians. 

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Intelligence Squared: Neville Chamberlain did the right thing

Join Jeffrey Sachs as he explores the quest that President John F Kennedy had for peace. In a time of rising tension between the US and other nations, Sachs reflects...

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Intelligence Squared: JFK and his quest for peace

Should Britain have fought in World War One? During the 100 year anniversary of the conflict, it is a question that is worthy of debate. Join Intelligence Squared to explore this...

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Intelligence Squared: Britain should not have fought in the First World War?

Former Catholic Nun Karen Armstrong explores the question, whether or not religion is the source of global violence? What do you think?

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Intelligence Squared: Religion and the History of Violence

Magna Carta has been a staple of the English Legal System for over 800 years, inspiring to the US Declaration of Independence and the Univeral Declaration of Human Rights. Dinah Rose...

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Intelligence Squared: Magna Carta Myth and Meaning

How should we remember Emperor Napoleon? Jeremy Paxman chairs the debate in this Intelligence Squared debate.

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Intelligence Squared: Napoleon the Great?

Henry Kissinger a stalwart of US Foreign Policy during the Nixon administration and throughout the US Intervention in Vietnam. Andrew Roberts reappraises his legacy in this Intelligence Squared panel. 

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Intelligence Squared: Henry Kissinger Reappraised

Clash of the civilizations, its Greece versus Rome battling it out for superiority with renowned historian Mary Beard and current Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.  

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Intelligence Squared: Greece v Rome with Boris Johnson & Mary Beard

The concepts of East and West are widely used in History to describe many things from the Eastern and Western Roman Empires to the two sides in the Cold War...

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Intelligence Squared: Ancient Worlds: A Meeting of East and West

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