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A short video here with Professor Ed Glaeser from Harvard on some of the challenges of spacial structure in fast-growing urban cities in developing countries.

Spacial structure of cities in developing countries

The DTM is a model of population change from a low stable population to a high stable population as a result of a preliminary fall in the death rate from...

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The Demographic Transition Model (DTM)

The FT joins scientists and geographers from the British Antarctic Survey researching the fast-changing environment of Antarctica.

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The race to understand Antarctica

Here is the lecture given by Sir Andrew Haines at the Oxford Martin School in March 2018. Since the start of the Anthropocene period – the geological epoch marked by humankind’s...

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Is human health at risk in the Anthropocene?

Technology, development, climate change, information and the provision of public goods, this clip has it all. The World Bank has launched an innovative programme looking at how to best use...

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Flood management: Mapping flood risk in Tanzania

Ok, I know what you're thinking. You wouldn't want to be inside a wooden skyscraper, let alone work or live inside one. What happens if it catches fire? How strong...

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Mega Cities - Could Wooden Skyscrapers Make their Mark?

This blog from the World Bank draws on data published in the World Urbanisation Report and considers strategies to make urbanisation sustainable and inclusive.

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Three Ways Cities Can Build Sustainable Communities for All

Ed Glaeser often makes the point that introducing early the user-pays principle into infrastructure investment is a key part of the infrastructure jigsaw especially in developing countries. This short video...

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Senegal’s New Toll Road Speeds Progress

Here are some links to web resources on the serious challenges facing Cape Town as water reserves run dangerously low.

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Drought - Cape Town heads for Day Zero

The World Bank are grappling with the effects of climate change and coastal erosion on the coastline of St Louis in Senegal. 

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Senegalese coastal communities facing waves of change

Fascinating video here from the FT showcasing the research into the potential of seaweed as a source of renewable energy.

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Seaweed as a Source of Renewable Energy

Here is a useful account for Coasts studies of the removal of a failing hard engineering coastal defence & installation of new soft engineering (not 'top engineering') with ancillary benefits

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Coasts: Dawlish Warren Flood Scheme
30th December 2017

The Year That Was -- 2017


Tim Marshall - author of Prisoners of Geography and the Power of Flags provides a personal overview of the key geo-political events of 2017.

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The Year That Was -- 2017

Blackpool rose to prominence with the Industrial Revolution and started to fall behind with the rise of cheap airlines and the structural decline of the domestic tourist industry. 

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Changing Places - Blackpool: A Forgotten Town

A revealing and memorable video report on Tilbury - one of the most marginal political constituencies in the UK

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Changing Places: Tilbury and the story of a changing UK

BBC Newsnight investigates Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's promise of reform in Saudi Arabia and preparations for a future beyond crude oil which includes plans for a new mega...

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Could Saudi Arabia be the next Dubai?

This is superb for the changing places topic. The FT visits a cluster of urban farmers whose ingenuity, vision and drive might well be at the cutting edge of a...

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Changing Places - Urban Farms in London

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