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CPD for Teachers

Success in Edexcel A Level Business in 2020

  • Levels: A Level
  • Exam boards: Edexcel

Taking into account the detailed feedback from Examiner Reports from 2019 this CPD course focuses on the practical steps you can you take to help your students prepare effectively for the Edexcel A-Level Business exams in summer 2020.

Who's it for: All colleagues teaching Edexcel A Level Business
Price: £225 (+VAT)
Hosts: Graham Prior

  • February 2020
  • 7th


    Holiday Inn Kensington Forum

    10:20am - 3:15pm GMT

  • 13th


    Renaissance Manchester

    10:20am - 3:20pm GMT

  • Registration on the day opens 45 minutes before the event's start time.

About this event

Building on our experience of the first three years of exams from Edexcel, and responding to the key findings of the 2019 Edexcel Examiners’ Report and our detailed analysis of the 2019 questions & results, the aim of the course is to provide attendees with approaches and resources covering areas such as:

  • Examination technique
  • Marking and feedback for students
  • Revision strategies
  • Responding to the challenge of the pre-release research theme for Paper 3

In addition to the specific resources on exam technique, marking and revision, delegates also receive a pack of topic teaching resources drawn from the vault of tutor2u's best activities.

(Please note: This course is an update from last year's Success in Edexcel A Level Business 2019, and contains resources, techniques, ideas and approaches that were part of this CPD course and Essential A Level Business)

Course package

The course package includes a full day of training, refreshments and lunch and resource pack.

Your host

    Graham Prior


    Graham is Subject Lead for A Level Business at tutor2u. He is an experienced Business teacher, examiner and author.


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