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CPD for Teachers

Essential AQA A Level Psychology

  • Levels: AS, A Level
  • Exam boards: AQA

Essential AQA A Level Psychology is aimed at teachers who are new to teaching AQA A-Level Psychology, including non-specialists and recently or newly-qualified teachers taking on the challenge of specification for the first time.

Who's it for: This course is specifically designed for all non-specialist or newly/recently qualified teachers of AQA A Level Psychology.
Price: £225 (+ VAT) per delegate
Hosts: Anna Stapleton

  • June 2020
  • 15th


    Holiday Inn Kensington Forum

    10:20am - 3:20pm BST

  • July 2020
  • 8th


    Radisson Blu - Leeds

    10:20am - 3:20pm BST

  • Registration on the day opens 45 minutes before the event's start time.

About this event

This course will provide attendees with a practical toolkit of teaching activities, ideas and resources including:

Quick Wins: teaching activities, approaches and resources that provide a foundation to help build your confidence.

Engaging Psychology: fresh ideas for teaching important core topics that teachers find hard to deliver.

Concern Clinic & Practical Solutions: a range of ‘treatments’ to address common problems for new and inexperienced teachers.

Course package

Single delegate rate of £225 (+ VAT) includes full course materials, refreshments and lunch!

Your host

    Anna Stapleton

    Anna Stapleton is an experienced psychology teacher and examiner. She has experience of AQA, OCR and IB Psychology. 

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