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Join Jon Clark and Michelle Stephenson for this fast-paced, short CPD webinar to discover how you can use The Gamble as an engaging and effective revision lesson activity.

Hosts: Jon Clark, Michelle Stephenson

About this webinar

The Gamble is a classic, editable interactive quiz designed by tutor2u. The Gamble uses a confidence-based marking technique with students to help gauge how well they know a topic.

Students are presented with a 10 question multi-choice quiz, but each competing team also a bunch of ‘chips’. They must use them wisely when betting on the outcome of their chosen answer. Do they feel certain that they will know the answer? Then bet high! Less confident? Then use a lower value chip.

This webinar will show you how to run ‘The Gamble’ revision activity in your classroom and how to edit the resource to meet your own needs. A fully-editable version of The Gamble is provided to each attendee along with instructions on how you can easily add subject-specific content and use it as part of your revision strategies.

Your hosts

    Jon Clark


    Jon worked in Further Education for 22 years, teaching primarily vocational business courses and A level Economics. Alongside this he became a Senior Manager, Head of Faculty and a Quality Manager with responsibility for course performance and teaching and learning development. He is now Head of Resources and Innovation at tutor2u with particular responsibility for designing and delivering teacher CPD and student revision workshops in Economics. Jon also develops the tutor2u Powerpoint resources, combining proven teaching strategies with his computer coding skills to produce interactive and engaging activities.


    Michelle Stephenson


    Michelle is a highly experienced teacher and advanced practitioner. She has taught in schools, colleges and universities both in the UK and overseas, playing a pivotal role in supporting colleagues to drive improvements in teaching and learning. She has also worked as an educational consultant, delivering sessions for Ofsted and further education colleges in the UK. Michelle has worked for a number of awarding bodies taking the role of examiner, external verifier and centre quality reviewer.


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