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Exam Workshops for Students

A Level Business Strong Foundations Workshops

  • Levels: A Level
  • Exam boards: AQA, Edexcel

Join Graham Prior and Penny Brooks for the 2019/20 edition of A-Level Business Strong Foundations - the exam workshop for Year 13 Edexcel & AQA A-Level Business Students wanting to lay the foundations for top grades in summer 2020.

Who's it for: All Year 13 A Level Business students
Price: £25 (+VAT)
Hosts: Graham Prior, Penny Brooks

  • November 2019
  • 27th


    Vue Cinema - The Light

    10:30am - 3:15pm GMT

  • 28th


    Vue Cinema - The Printworks

    10:30am - 3:15pm GMT

  • 29th


    Vue Cinema - Star City

    10:30am - 3:15pm GMT

  • December 2019
  • 3rd


    Vue Cinema - Bristol Cribbs Causeway

    10:30am - 3:15pm GMT

  • 5th


    Vue Cinema - Westfield White City

    10:30am - 3:15pm GMT

  • 6th


    Vue Cinema - Westfield Stratford

    10:30am - 3:15pm GMT

  • Registration on the day opens 45 minutes before the event's start time.

About this event


The A Level Business Strong Foundations workshops are designed to support all Year 13 A Level Business students as they complete the fourth term of their two-year linear course. The focus of Strong Foundations is on the skills students need to succeed with their A Level Business exams in 2020.

This workshop designed to cover core topics common to AQA and Edexcel and aims to:

  • Reinforce core A Level Business teaching content that has been taught so far, including key foundation topics from Year 1
  • Build student understanding of, and confidence in the core assessment skills that they need to master in order to perform strongly in the three A Level papers.
  • Help students prepare effectively, and provide a focus for mock exams in Year 13
  • Provide a suitable "wake-up call" for some students who need a reminder of the touch challenge ahead of them next summer

The A Level Business Strong Foundations Workshop combines:

  • Four hours of intensive large-group tuition by our experienced A Level Business presenter team
  • A workshop booklet containing all the session content and follow-up activities

Learning outcomes

The session content is as follows:

Session 1 – Why you need to know your stuff

  • The importance of knowledge and understanding
  • Writing contextualised answers that are rooted in the case study
  • Understand what examiners look for in terms of application
  • Techniques to help pick out key application points
  • Using data effectively to ensure answers are in context

Session 2 – Analyse This

  • Developing strong and coherent lines of analysis so that answers go beyond just stating theoretical advantages and disadvantages
  • Techniques to help students examine causes and consequences and write arguments in depth
  • Using business theories and models in answers to hone and sharpen analysis and avoid ‘man on the street responses

Session 3 – Evaluation Excellence

  • Writing strong conclusions, judgements and recommendations
  • How to ensure your evaluation answers the question and builds on prior analysis
  • Strategies and techniques to help develop evaluation

Afternoon Session - Quantitative Skills and Numerical Concepts

The afternoon session in Strong Foundations is an intensive one and tackles core quantitative and numerical concepts that students often find challenging, such as investment appraisal and variance analysis. Our experience is that this session often proves to be an effective "wake-up call" for Year 13 students who discover that their quantitative and numerical skills need a renewed focus on the remaining months before the three A-Level Business exams.

Course package

A place at this event costs £25+VAT for the day of tuition. This includes a comprehensive workshop booklet which also includes follow-up revision materials. For every 10 student places you book, a teacher can go free.

Your hosts

    Graham Prior


    Graham is Subject Lead for A Level Business at tutor2u. He is an experienced Business teacher, examiner and author.


    Penny Brooks

    Experienced Economics and Business teacher, examiner and former HOD. Penny is also a leading contributor to the tutor2u Economics blog, student exam workshops and a significant number of Economics CPD courses.

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