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Economics for real, economics for good It’s everyday deal, like life in the hood. A fantastic rap put together by students from Queen Ethelburga’s, Thorpe Underwood near York!...

Economics for real, economics for good It’s everyday deal, like life in the hood​

Kenya has developed a comparative advantage in growing and processing cut flowers. Kenya is the largest supplier of cut flowers to the European Union & flower farming accounts for about 40%...

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Environmental cost of Kenya's cut flower export industry

The Phillips Curve traces the relationship between pay growth on the one hand and the balance of labour market supply and demand, represented by unemployment, on the other. It has...

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The Changing Phillips Curve in the UK Economy

Here is a suggested essay plan for this question: "Evaluate the possible microeconomic and macroeconomic impact of a decision by the EU/UK to impose a tariff on imports of...

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Tariff on Chinese Steel (Edexcel Synoptic Essay Plan)

This collection of 12 example essays explores how to answer synoptic essay questions in linear A Level Economics exams.

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Synoptic Example Essays (Volume 1) for A Level Economics

This reference section brings together a curation of study resources on crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.

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Financial Economics - Crypto Currencies

This video looks at a possible answer to this question on financial market failure. "Evaluate the micro and macroeconomic policies that might be used to correct financial market failures in...

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Financial Market Failure (Edexcel Synoptic Essay Plan)

In this video we look at building an answer to a synoptic 25 mark essay question (Edexcel) on the micro and macro effects of an increase in house-building in the UK...

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Housing Supply (Edexcel Synoptic Essay Plan)

Here are the slides and videos from our revision webinar covering some aspects of Brexit relevant to A level economics students. In particular there is a focus on synoptic connections...

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Economics of Brexit (Revision Webinar)

This FT clip looks at the post-Brexit options facing the UK, arguing that advisers are looking at whether it might be possible to enter a customs union with the EU.

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Brexit: Customs Union or Customs Arrangement?

A new study from the IFSof the causes of the persistent gender pay gap in the UK focuses on the impact of working part-time has on career and wage progression...

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Gender pay gap: Part time work hinders wage progression

Whilst the seems mired in a Brexit-inspired political morass, a number of Balkan countries are taking important steps towards accession to the European Union. EU enlargement is back on the...

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Balkan nations lined up for EU membership

This video from the Wall Street Journal explores the rising demand for industrial robotics, particularly in China which is in turn partly the response to fast-rising wages in China as...

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Lewis Turning Point: Rising Wages and Robot Demand in China
3rd February 2018

Plastic - A Dirty Business


Sky News is certainly making an effective contribution to the debate over plastic packaging. There is no such thing as the throwaway society - because plastic waste doesn't go away.

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Plastic - A Dirty Business

This is a vivid and powerful four minute read on the negative externalities from copper mining in Zambia and the story of one man growing up in what rapidly became...

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Poverty and Pollution: Growing up in the world's most polluted cities

Ed Glaeser often makes the point that introducing early the user-pays principle into infrastructure investment is a key part of the infrastructure jigsaw especially in developing countries. This short video...

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Addressing the Infrastructure Gap - New Toll Roads in Senegal

If, like me, you have been enjoying the recent adverts by online estate agency Purplebricks (apologies to anyone who only streams content these days, TV advertising must seem very yesterday)...

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The Estate Agent market becomes more contestable despite recent criticism of Purple Bricks

BBC Newsnight investigates the data mining that goes on in unearthing crypto-currencies. I'm still trying to get my head around all of this!

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How does Bitcoin mining work?

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