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To what extent should rents paid by tenants in the private sector be left to market forces? Or is there a compelling case for some form of rent control to...

The Economics of (Housing) Rent Controls
12th February 2019

Tackling childcare in Sri Lanka

This International Finance Corporation clip looks at the importance of tackling the lack of childcare in Sri Lanka: it's an important cog in promoting female participation in the labour force,...

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Tackling childcare in Sri Lanka

There are a number of different policies that might be used to stimulate an increase in market contestability for different goods and services. The crucial factor affecting contestability is the...

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Policies to increase contestability in markets

This revision tutorial covers income inequality in the UK and a number of other countries. It includes data on the Gini coefficient and the Palma Ratio and makes a distinction...

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Measuring Income Inequality

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Ghanaians are already relatively well-served in terms of electricity; however, for those people without access to the existing electricity network, solar mini-grid have provided an unusual way of bring electricity...

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Solar power and economic opportunity in Ghana

Humans have a strong scarcity bias. We unconsciously assume things that are scarce are valuable and things that are relatively abundant are not. The scarcity bias impulse frequently kicks in...

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Scarcity bias - Hotel booking sites told to change

A nudge is a technique used by choice architects in order to change someone’s behaviour in a very easy and low-cost way, without reducing the number of choices available....

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Nudges (Behavioural Economics)

The current account of the balance of payments comprises the balance of trade in goods and services plus net investment incomes from overseas assets and net transfers.

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Balance of Payments - Current Account Deficits

This topic video looks at countries such as Germany, Norway, China and South Korea who run current account surpluses on their balance of payments. It focuses on the structural and...

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Balance of Payments - Current Account Surpluses

The unequal opportunities available to hundreds of millions of women around the world represent one of the biggest barriers to growth and development.

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Development and Growth Constraints - Gender Inequalities

The fashion industry isn't terribly environmentally-friendly, accounting for 3% of global carbon emissions per year, and an awful lot of waste.

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The Environmental Impact of the UK Fashion Industry

Larry Elliott catches up here with Rutger Bregman, the man of the moment, who savaged the assembled billionaires at Davos. He reveals that his outburst about tax avoidance was, in...

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The Dutch Historian who savaged the Davos Elite

The basic idea behind loss aversion is that people feel losses much more than gains. People do not treat gains and losses in a linear way!

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Loss Aversion (Behavioural Economics)

Many countries rely on inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI) as a key source of aggregate demand and also as a driver of real economic growth. In 2017, total foreign direct...

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Foreign Direct Investment in the Global Economy

Abenomics has been in place for over five years but to what extent is Abenomics helping to lift Japan out of a deflationary period and address the challenges of an...

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Abenomics in Japan - Resource Update

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