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Does employment law need to change to reflect the uber-flexible world of 21st century working? Or are we instead moving back towards a 19th century model of people without sufficient...

Plumber wins 'gig economy' case

Plastic pollution has become one of the defining environmental issues of the age. Will examiners be looking to give students a chance to analyse and evaluate plastic pollution in a...

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Synoptic Short: Taxes on Plastic Products

This short revision video looks at the micro and macro effects of an ageing population.

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Synoptic Short: Ageing Population

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AQA A Level Economics Revision Flashcards - Markets and Market Failure

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The synoptic paper tests your understanding of both micro and macroeconomic theories and concepts. The content you have revised for the first two papers remains the same but now questions...

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Preparing for the Synoptic Economics Exam

This short revision video looks at some of the synoptic points you could make in a question on the rapid adoption of robotics and artificial intelligence in lots of industries.

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Synoptic Short: Micro and Macro Effects of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Here is a short video focusing on some of the synoptic aspects of the UK leaving the EU customs union. Synoptic economics involves bringing micro and macro effects and influences...

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Synoptic Short: Consequences of UK leaving the EU Customs Union

Here is a short synoptic video looking at the Micro & Macro Impact of a Fall in Inward Migration

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Synoptic Short: Falling Labour Migration

This webinar looks at synoptic issues surrounding ageing economies. How will ageing affect productivity, innovation, competitiveness, growth and the future of the welfare state? 

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Ageing Population (Revision Webinar)

Here are the slides and videos from our revision webinar covering some synoptic aspects of Brexit relevant to A level economics students. In particular there is a focus on synoptic...

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Economics of Brexit (Revision Webinar)

Here is a video recording of the revision webinar on synoptic aspects of the Gig Economy. I have also provided detailed notes from the session.

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Gig Economy (Revision Webinar)

Here is a revision video from our revision webinar which takes a synoptic perspective on the renewable energy industry. Some additional study notes are also provided below.

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Renewable Energy (Revision Webinar)

Here are some thoughts on constructing an answer to this question: "Evaluate the likely micro and macroeconomic impact of a decision by the UK government to introduce a tax on...

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Building Confidence in Writing Synoptic 25 Mark Essays (EdExcel)

Here is a short but focused update on the UK economy to help provide context for A Level Economics students ahead of their macro papers in June 2018.

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Ten Minute Revision Update on the UK Economy

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