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A short revision video on the importance of infrastructure spending for both aggregate demand and long run aggregate supply. Economic growth places rising demand on a country's infrastructure assets and...

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Economic Importance of Infrastructure

Here is the video from a revision webinar on the possible effects of Brexit on the UK economy. There are a range of possible outcomes for, and paths to, the...

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Brexit and the UK Economy (Revision Webinar Video)

Geoff Riley presents the latest keynote presentation on the current state of the UK economy.

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State of the UK Economy May 2017 (Revision Webinar Video)

Here is a recording on key aspects of Keynesian economics applied to current policy issues for the UK and other countries.

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Keynesian Economics (Revision Webinar Video)

In this revision special, you can try your hand at five questions covering monetary policy and inflation. We take you through each answer and the correct reasoning.

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Monetary Policy and Inflation (MCQ Revision Questions)

A quick primer on inferior goods where the income elasticity of demand following a change in real income will be negative.

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Inferior Goods (Student Video)

This short revision video takes students through the process of establishing market equilibrium price and quantity using linear demand and supply functions. It also considers the effects of shift in...

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Market Equilibrium using Linear Equations (Student Video)

In this revision video we go through the basics of supply using linear supply functions. Supply is a positive function of price but it is also affected by non-price factors...

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Linear Supply Functions (Student Video)

This video take students through the basics of using linear demand functions and shows the effects of changes in price, changes in non-price factors and a change in the coefficient...

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Linear Demand Functions (Student Video)
Student videos

Utility Maximisation


With a single product, total utility is maximised when the marginal utility from the next unit consumed is zero (assuming that the budget of the consumer allows this point to...

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Utility Maximisation
Student videos

Joint Demand


Joint demand is when the demand for one product is directly and positively related to market demand for a related good or service. Two complements are said to be in...

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Joint Demand

There are many aspects of poverty and hardship in the UK including unaffordable housing, the cost of childcare and many people working just above the minimum wage but below the...

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Poverty and Hardship - Foodbank use in the UK

Here is a video recording of a revision webinar looking at shaping an answer to this 25 mark question. “Monetary policy is as important as supply-side policies in making a country...

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Monetary and Supply-Side Policies and Competitiveness (Essay Technique Video)

Economic growth is an increase in the productive capacity of the economy and also an increase in real national income.  But economic welfare is a more rounded measure of progress...

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Economic Growth and Economic Welfare

In this short video we build 3 analysis and evaluation points for this question: "Evaluate the significance of the coefficient of cross price elasticity for a business"

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Cross Price Elasticity of Demand (Evaluation Skills Video)

Here is a short video looking at how students might use the phrase "it depends on" as part of evaluating an A level economics essay question. The question chosen was ...

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Depreciation and the Trade Balance (Evaluation Skills Video)

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