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Why is a high level of advertising spending including traditional and digital media often a prominent feature of business strategy in an oligopolistic market?

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Advertising in Oligopoly

Check and test your understanding of key terms relating to the balance of payments with this Quizlet revision activity

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Balance of Payments (Quizlet Revision Activity)

The basic idea behind loss aversion is that people feel losses much more than gains. People do not treat gains and losses in a linear way!

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Loss Aversion (Behavioural Economics)

Many countries rely on inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI) as a key source of aggregate demand and also as a driver of real economic growth. In 2017, total foreign direct...

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Foreign Direct Investment in the Global Economy

Some summary notes and reflections on some of the key themes and points made in the 2019 African Economic Outlook - linking to a number of growth, trade and development topics...

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African Economic Outlook 2019

In 2018, the average rate of consumer price inflation in the world economy was 3.8% (according to the IMF’s World Economic Outlook). In South Africa, inflation was 5.3%, Argentina 31%, Turkey 16% and Ethiopia 9%....

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Policies to Control Inflation

Some core introductory revision notes on the economics of market activity.

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How Markets Work - Introductory Market Concepts

Here are some core revision notes covering an introduction to the operation of markets and the working of the price mechanism.

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How Markets Work - Introductory Demand Concepts

Some core revision notes on the basic economics of supply and elasticity of supply in markets.

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How Markets Work - Introductory Supply Concepts

In each of these 'Clear the Deck' activities you are shown 8 key terms and 8 definitions. You have 60 seconds to match the key term to the correct definition. If you make...

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Macroeconomics Definitions - 'Clear the Deck' Activities

Test your understanding of oligopoly theory with this Quizlet revision activity! There are sixteen terms in this quiz.

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Oligopoly (Quizlet Revision Activity)

Try this 'The Question Before' revision activity testing your knowledge of covering key macroeconomic topics for A-Level Economics. Be warned.... this is tricky! In this activity you are presented with...

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Macroeconomics Definitions- 'The Question Before' Revision Activity

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