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A-Z of Economists Useful for Impressing in your A2 Economics

I've inevitably had to leave some economists out of this listing but I hope this resource proves useful. Just type their name into Google to search for more on the work.

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Acemoglu (Daron) - Institutions

Institutional failures are a key barrier to development, extractive elites can take most of the resource rents causing high inequality

Becker (Gary) - Human capital

Getting the right incentives to provide and fund improved human capital is key to raising productivity and driving innovation

Collier (Paul) - Development traps, aid et al

Has written extensively on “development traps” and the policies best suited for nations to avoid the natural resource curse

Duflo (Esther) - Behavioural

Randomized controlled trials can help increase the effectiveness of aid projects introduced at a micro level in poor communities

Easterlin (Richard) - Living Standards

The Easterlin paradox is that in many countries, incomes rising above a certain threshold bring no significant gain in happiness

Frank (Robert) - Inequality and economic growth

High inequality can damage growth – e.g. status races to consume “positional goods” is an inefficient use of scarce resources

Glaeser (Ed) - Agglomeration economies and the economics of cities

His work focuses on factors that drive the long run expansion and success of cities – urbanization as a driver of development

Hidalgo (Cesar) - Information and network economics

Countries grow rich by increasing computational capacity and building networks of individuals to create new products

Kuznets (Simon) - Standard of living

Kuznets Curve – illustrates how higher income inequality and environmental damage might be reversed as nations grow

Lewis (Arthur) - Lewis Turning Point

Developing countries may see surplus labour flowing from rural to urban areas diminish – lead to rising wages and unit costs

Mundell (Robert) - Currency unions and optimal currency area theory

Devised conditions under which an optimal currency area might be created – focusing on the need for real economic convergence

Nash (John Forbes) - Game Theory

Developed understanding of strategies in games – applied at macro for example in understanding trade/protectionist disputes

Ostrom (Elinor) - Social capital and the tragedy of the commons

Addressed how communities could create rules of social behaviour to overcome the tragedy of the commons

Prebisch (Raul) - Commodity prices

Believed that commodity exporters would eventually see a decline in their real terms of trade and argued for rapid industrialisation

Quah (Danny) - Globalisation

Plots the changing centre of gravity in the world economy – the gradual shift of economic and political power to the south east

Ricardo (David) - International trade

Created the basic theory of comparative advantage which is still the bedrock of standard trade economics - comparative advantage exists when a nation has a relative cost advantage in producing a good or service

Solow (Robert) - Economic growth

Created the Solow neo-classical growth model which links capital investment & productivity growth to a nation’s sustainable growth rate

Tirole (Jean) - Concentrated markets and competition policy

Built understanding of the dynamics of monopolistic and oligopolistic markets arguing for a case by case approach when regulating them

Van Reenen (John) - Management and Human Capital

Has made extensive studies of the role that variations in the quality of business management can have on competitiveness and growth

Williamson (Oliver) - Behavioural theories of the firm

Helped to build theories of management-run businesses whose objectives may differ from owners

Yunus (Mohammad) - Poverty and growth

Founding Father of the Grameen Bank and the idea of micro finance – now focusing on the roles that social entrepreneurship can play

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