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How do all-you-can eat restaurants make profits? The secret is in the layout + some other behavioural tricks customers are almost certainly not aware of!

How All You Can Eat Restaurants Make Money

Multinational pet food giant Nestle has spotted an opportunity in India. Would it be barking mad to ignore the opportunity, or should it paws before making an investment in this...

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Can Nestle Succeed With a Market Development Strategy in the Indian Pet Food Market?

The concept of outsourcing has featured frequently in the business news recently following the failure of Carillion and the profits warning by Capita.

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Why Does the Public Sector Use Outsourcing?

Fancy a cold pizza? That's what you might get from pizza outlets that use this new robotic delivery system - until that is they solve the numerous logistical challenges.

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Pizza Delivery Robots On the Way - Slowly...

A simply stunning video here that takes you behind the scenes of the Heinz factory in Wigan, Lancashire that makes around 3 million cans per day.

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Economics of Scale from Automation - The World's Largest Baked Bean Factory

Here is a solid example of Ansoff's Matrix. Amazon has opened a supermarket in Seattle with no checkouts although that hasn't prevented the obligatory queues! For the record, the new...

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Ansoff: Inside Amazon's Store of the Future

How different this manufacturer is from a mass-market producer! Sven Cycles in Dorset designs and manufactures hand-crafted, premium-priced bicycles. This evocative video from Bloomberg meets the business owner and discovers...

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Adding Value by Building A Product that Lasts a Lifetime

Alexa, will sales of smart speakers continue to grow fast or are these products about to enter a maturity phase of their product life cycle?

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Where Next for the Smart Speaker and Assistant Market?

I love this video about US entrepreneur Ryan Grant who abandoned his career as an accountant when he discovered he could buy clearance aisle items from the likes of Walmart...

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Supermarket Sweep! The Entrepreneur Who Profits from Supermarket Castoffs

One stakeholder group that has been significantly affected by the large number of bank branch closures is the focus of this fascinating short video.

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How Stakeholders are Affected by Bank Closures
9th January 2018

Hair Removal Entrepreneurs


I’ve always though waxing was a bit of a rip-off.  But, apparently I’m in the minority. Waxing is big business!

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Hair Removal Entrepreneurs

The UK bicycle market is one we have featured many times on our student revision workshops and here on the Business Blog. Here is an update on some interesting developments...

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Market in Focus - UK Bicycle Market
12th December 2017

Fake pants scam


UK border officials are trying to get to the bottom of this one; they have seized £1.5m worth of fake Calvin Klein boxers, in the run-up to Christmas. If Santa...

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Fake pants scam

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