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Michael Albanese

30th October 2016

What a week for Business Studies in the news! No doubt all students will have uninstalled their social media apps in order to fully digest the actions and reactions of the global masters of commerce. However, in case that didn’t happen, below is a round-up of seven big business stories. Students can work in teams to research them, group them, evaluate and debate them… that is, of course, if they haven’t already done so.

1. Time up for Smartwatch sales?

Smartwatch sales have decreased by around 50% since last year, but will they increase in time for Christmas, or do some companies have to consider “putting down” their Boston Matrix Dogs?

Techcrunch article

BBC article

2. UBER say the gig is good enough

An employment tribunal has ruled that Uber drivers should be classified as workers and not self-employed. The big question is “will this affect my cheap cab rides?”. Uber sent an email to customers stating how a recent poll showed most of their workers prefer being self-employed, and that on average, drivers make £16 an hour, even after fees are deduced.

Jim's article

3. TESLA create solar tiles

Musk’s vision for a greener world now looks a little more attractive, with Solar City unveiling solar roof tiles (instead of the unsightly panels). With Tesla announcing their first profit in years, could this be the product that enables him to save humanity (and then colonise Mars)?

Reuters article

4. GDP up

52% of the population now feel all Brexit arguments have been settled by the 0.5% increase in GDP. Others claim the increase did not increase enough.

Guardian article

Independent article

5. AT&T and Time Warner Merger

How might this merger affect consumers in terms of price, choice, advertising and competition? This BBC article analyses the issues.

BBC article

6. Nissan stay… but at what cost?

Nissan are to remain in the UK, and whilst Business Secretary Greg Clark stated there was no cheque involved (he doesn’t even have a cheque book!), was there a “secret deal”?

Telegraph article

7. Apple Mac Price Increase

A weak pound, expensive holidays, Marmite-related-drama and now Apple have raised their prices! Thank goodness GDP has increased by 0.5%.

BBC article

Michael Albanese

Assistant Curriculum Lead for Business and Law at Solihull Sixth Form College


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