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Michelle Obama and the Mulberry Girls

I think this is one of the biggest challenges for teachers – for all of the guidance about speaking as little as possible in the classroom, sometimes there's not much option...

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How to Speak so that People Want to Listen

Ask any teacher if they've had a stressful week and the answer will almost always be "Yes!" But can stress actually be our friend?Watch this 15 min TED talk from...

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Making Stress your Friend

I'm not quite sure yet what I think of this TED talk, but it's worth a watch - Reshma Saujani argues that we are teaching girls to be perfect when...

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Teaching girls to be brave not perfect

Yet another super TED talk - this time on the surprising habits of original thinkers, and why failure is actually a key ingredient for success.

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The habits of original thinkers

I've just been reminder about the pecha-kucha (Japanese for chatter) PowerPoint presentation, which is a method of putting together presentations consisting of 20 slides that appear for no more than 20 seconds...

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What is a pecha-kucha presentation?

I love this TED talk on procrastination (particularly useful perhaps at this time of year with students trying to revise and teachers with lots of past papers to mark!) -...

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Advice on procrastination

The TeenSleep study will be the largest study ever carried out into the nature and importance of sleep for teenagers. In particular, this Oxford University study will be exploring the...

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How much sleep do teenagers need?

This animated 15 minute video from the RSA is based on a talk by creative education guru Sir Ken Robinson, and it outlines the changing nature of education.

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The changing education paradigm

I think this short, 8 minute TED talk by Rita Pierson is well worth a watch. In her words, it provides a rousing call to educators to believe in their students...

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Every kid needs a champion

Keith Hughes, the enthusiastic and flamboyant YouTube teaching sensation, has put together a short "how to" guide on making your own video lecture for students so that you can flip...

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How to make a video lecture

I've increasingly noticed that a teacher's body language can really impact on the quality of lessons that I have observed. I remember picking up tips from my training mentor years...

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How your body language affects your confidence

With 1 in 12 young people deliberately self-harming at some point, there are 150,000 hospital attendances annually for self-harm related issues.

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Self-Injury Awareness Day: March 1st
22nd February 2016

What is flow?


There is a psychological state called flow, or "the zone", in which a person becomes completely immersed in their activity or task, and feels a great sense of happiness and...

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What is flow?
10th February 2016

Your Life Relived - in Chunks


This thought-provoking four-minute video from National Geographic would make for an interest lesson resource during tutor or form time.

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Your Life Relived - in Chunks

If you didn't spot it over the weekend, here are two links showing the comments about the state school sector from the owner of the Good School Guide...

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State schools are getting better - says owner of The Good School Guide
5th February 2016

Do schools kill creativity?


I'm a big fan of Sir Ken Robinson's work - his book "Finding your Element" is an easy read and pretty inspirational - but if you haven't quite got time...

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Do schools kill creativity?

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