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A Level Sociology Grade Booster Workshops (AQA)

Grade Booster A Level Sociology (AQA) is designed to provide students taking the first linear A Level Sociology exams in June 2017 with a significant boost to their revision and exam...

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A Level Sociology Grade Booster Workshops (AQA)

Out-Dated Or Still Relevant? Does functionalism still have a place in modern society? Can it still be relevant considering how much has changed in society in the last 60 plus years? ...

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Meet the Perspectives: Functionalism (Part 3)
Study notes

Families: Marxism

Marxists are critical of the family, and in particular, the nuclear family, as they believe that it reinforces capitalist ideology. They argue that the ruling class (bourgeoisie) control society through...

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Families: Marxism

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1st December 2014

Modern Slavery - in Britain


Slaves? In Britain? Yes - I'm afraid so - and the problem may be much worse than most experts thought according to new data published by the Home Office.

Modern Slavery - in Britain


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