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Student Webinar: Biopsychology - Hemispheric Lateralisation

  • Levels: A Level
  • Exam boards: AQA, OCR

On this page you will find the recording and a link to the resources for the tutor2u Psychology Student Webinar titled: Biopsychology - Hemispherica Lateralisation.

Biopsychology: Hemispheric Lateralisation (Part 1) Definitions & Research
Biopsychology: Hemispheric Lateralisation (Part 2) Answering Exam Questions
Biopsychology: Hemispheric Lateralisation (Part 3) Essay Writing

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Topic Teaching Resources

Individual teaching resources for delivering specific topics, including teaching instructions.

  • The aim of this activity is to help students understand the different parts of a motor neuron and understand the role of each part in synaptic transmission.

    £2.50 (+VAT)

    Build a Neuron
  • The aim of this activity is to help students understand the topic – localization of function and create a visual representation of the brain, using a white chef hats.

    £2.50 (+VAT)

    Dinner Ladies Brain
  • The aim of this activity is for students to revise and develop their knowledge of the nervous system in preparation for their year 2 exams.

    £2.50 (+VAT)

    Don't Be Nervous About The Nervous System
  • The aim of this activity is to help students evaluate the Year 1 Biopsychology Topic ‘Fight or Flight’ to develop their knowledge and understanding in preparation for Year 2.

    £2.50 (+VAT)

    Evaluating Fight or Flight
  • The aim of this activity is for students to understand the basic details of the three biological rhythms: circadian, ultradian and infradian.

    £2.50 (+VAT)

    I've Got Rhythm
  • This resource is a main activity that can be adapted to teach many areas of psychology.

    £2.50 (+VAT)

    Jackanory (Beck - Depression)
  • This is an content essential activity that can be used to teach biological therapies for depression - Drugs.


    Medication Swap Shop
  • The aim of this activity is for students to consolidate their knowledge on the brain imaging techniques and use their knowledge to compare and contrast the different techniques.

    £2.50 (+VAT)

    Studying the Brain
  • The purpose of this activity is to revise the endocrine system and ensure that students understand the function of the different glands and hormones released in the body.

    £2.50 (+VAT)

    The Endocrine System
  • This resource highlights how a cognitive behavioural therapist can alter negative thoughts to positive thoughts. It is an ideal way of applying knowledge of how CBT works to novel situations.

    £2.50 (+VAT)

    Thought Catching (CBT)
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