While we may think we know right from wrong, the BBC documentary ‘Five Steps To Tyranny’, demonstrates that ordinary people are capable of horrendous acts.

The full video is now available on YouTube and can be found below.

Five Steps To Tyranny

AQA Specification Link: This video is fascinating and has many links to the year two optional topic, aggression.

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  • Lesson and homework worksheets (and answers) for the AQA A Level Option on Aggression.

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    AQA A Level Psychology Option Worksheets - Aggression
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  • The aim of this activity is to help students relate their knowledge of evolutionary explanations to aggression.

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    Aggression in the 21st Century
  • The aim of this activity is to check students’ understanding of key terms and concepts in the Aggression topic.

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    Aggression Taboo
  • The aim of this activity is replicate Dodd’s experiment in class.

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    An Aggressive Experiment
  • The purpose of this task is to provide you with clear examples of research that can be used to form effective evaluation points.

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    Brain, Biology and Evaluation
  • The aim of this activity is to help students outline and evaluate twin studies.

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    Explaining Twin Studies
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