Political Parties in the UK: The Fragmentation of the “Far Right”

Whilst the vast majority of political media coverage outside of election periods focuses on the main UK political parties, it is still worth it for students and teaching colleagues to keep track of activity on the outer fringes of the political spectrum.

The political landscape of the far right, in particular, seems to be going through a process of transition.

This article in the Guardian provides an update on what is describes as a “process of fragmentation within the far right”.

Nick Griffin of the BNP might be the most high-profile leader of a far right political organisation in the UK. However, Griffin and the BNP have experienced some poor election results recently as the far right vote is increasingly split amongst a widening range of parties including the National Front, Britain First, British Freedom, British People’s Party, England First, National Front, English Democrats, Democratic Nationalists and the Britannica Party.

With the Police Commissioner elections coming up in November 2012 and local and European elections pretty soon after, the jockeying for position amongst the far right organisations looks likely to intensify.

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