AS revision: What do Naomi Campbell and Prince Charles have in common?

They are both high profile victors in cases involving the Human Rights Act

But these high profile cases give a misleading impression.  According to a report in today’s Independent the number of lawsuits involving the HRA have halved, thereby giving the lie to the idea that the law is a complainer’s charter.

Says the article:

‘Cases taken to court using the Human Rights Act have more than halved in the last eight years, countering claims that the legislation has turned Britain into the compensation capital of the world.

Figures show that human rights legal actions peaked at 714 in 2002, shortly after the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, but have now fallen to a low of 327 cases last year.’

Read the rest of this feature - an excellent piece for those looking ahead to the government papers in this year’s AS exams.

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