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AQA LAW03 Critical Analysis: Murder - Reform Proposals

15th June 2016

With critical analysis you must discuss the criticisms, describe the proposals for reforms and show if/how these might reduce or eliminate those criticisms. This is how you might use...

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Latest Law Enrichment Videos

9th February 2016

Michael Gove Goes to Prison


It's ok. Don't worry. Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary, is only making a fleeting visit to a new prison. However, this Channel 4 video which follows Gove provides a useful introduction...


Some great footage captured by CCTV in this short Telegraph video which showcases five examples of pensioners who took on criminals.


Forensic scientists have devised a test that examines blood samples left at crime scenes to predict the age of crime suspects to within four years. 

17th December 2015

The Justice System in Japan


A fascinating video insight here from the Economist into the justice system in Japan.