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This is a fantastic introduction to taxation as part of fiscal policy. On a sheet of graph paper, I'll first get my students to firstly design their own optimal income...

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The evolution of taxation by cartoonist KAL

Paul Krugman, Angus Deaton and Joseph Stiglitz look at aspects of inequality driven by globalisation and pervasive rent-seeking in this short video. Over the long run can we ever close...

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Inequality and Hyper-Globalisation
23rd January 2017

Can Game Theory avoid wars?


Another in the UBS Nobel perspectives series: this time Robert Aumann and Roger Myerson look at the application of game theory to war, starting from the perspective that military preparedness...

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Can Game Theory avoid wars?

The BBC has published a short video depicting the story of Izidor Ruckel, who was one of thousands of children found living in terrible conditions in Romanian orphanages, after the...

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Video: Growing Up in A Romanian Orphanage

Wear skirts, wear yoga pants, sew and pamper themselves. These are just some of the many things that men would do, if gender stereotypes didn’t exist. An article in...

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Men Would Wear Skirts If Gender Stereotypes Didn’t Exist

It may be worth reminding students that this year's exams were probably written before Theresa May became Prime Minister and, as such, she's unlikely to get a mention in any...

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Theresa May's 'Modern Industrial Strategy'

A new study by the Institute of Customer Service suggests that businesses which put customer service at the heart of their staff training will gain a competitive advantage. This is...

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Training staff to meet customer expectations

It's been another busy week on the Psychology Channel, with more new products added to the Digital Store, 10 new blog posts and plenty of student webinars and topic videos to...

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Psychology Weekly Update & Newsletter

Live music, original film, dancing, drama and psychological research: This is no ordinary Jury Duty! tutor2u are delighted to promote this exciting Psychology Event, taking place on Thursday 9th,...

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Event: The Accused - The Psychology of a Murder Trial

This NPR podcast from Planet Money (question sheet below) tells the story of Frederick, whose first business enterprise landed him in prison for 5 years. His next venture, which involved meeting ...

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The Prisoner’s Solution – Podcast and Question Sheet

If you are teaching business growth - what better archived interview to use! "What is Facebook exactly?" 12 years ago, someone named Mark Zuckerberg appeared on a business news show talking...

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What is Facebook exactly? Zuckerberg's archived interview!

Manufacturing is in the spotlight as a way to revitalise economies. The Economist takes a look, and I’ve summarised some of the article.

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What is the role of manufacturing in today’s economy?

Liz Hunt has posted onto the Facebook group some important clarification from AQA for those teaching Changing Places - details below.

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Important Advice from AQA on Changing Places

This short video looks at the nature of commitment contracts as a way of encouraging people to follow through with behaviours that might improve their health or other aspects of...

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Behavioural Economics - Commitment Contracts

In this short video I look at some examples of behavioural nudges in action including changes of choice architecture and default options as a way of influencing the decisions that...

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Behavioural Nudges in Action

He is not likely to ask for this advice, but this short video has a cluster of Nobel Laureates giving some advice to the President.

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Nobel Economics Laureates give advice to Trump

It is a commonly held belief that ‘travelling broadens the mind’. However, recent research suggests that travelling may also result in immoral behaviour, and possibly even cheating. An article in...

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Does Travelling Make You More Likely to Cheat?

In our highly-connected world, recent research suggests that we are becoming less capable of forming relationships, and Psychologist Vinita Mehta claims that increased media use is one of the contributing...

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Mobile Phones Affect Relationships

On this page you will find the recording and a link to the resources for the tutor2u Psychology Student Webinar titled: Issues & Debates - Idiographic & Nomothetic Approaches.

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Student Webinar: Issues & Debates - Idiographic & Nomothetic Approaches

Here's this week's Economics News Quiz. 6 multi-choice questions based upon the world of Economics. Nice 5 minute starter for next week or Bell Work exercise as students arrive at your class.

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This week's Economics News Quiz

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