Getting students to understand climate graphs, let alone draw them is a tough challenge.  One bar graph can be difficult enough, but to throw in a line graph and another vertical axis and we are in trouble.  To help students along, I have developed a step by step powerpoint to help [see screenshots below]



The powerpoint is focussed around the climate of Gloucester, and working through it, step by step allows students to build up an accurate climate graph with relative ease.  There is then a 'living graph' exercise (idea taken from the Thinking through Geography, by David Leat) to test students undertstanding of the data.  This activity can be differentiated by giving lower ability students a prepared copy of the axis, and then then have to display the data, and label axis.


If you would like a copy, or even a copy that can be amended to suit your local area, please contact me on my twitter page @AndyWilliams83 and I will be more than happy to share the resource - on the condition that my name remains on the file.



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