Summer 2015 Oxbridge Economics Reading and Videos

In this blog I am curating a selection of articles recommended for Oxbridge economics - feel free to contact me with other suggestions and I will add them to the listing!

After the crash, can biologists fix economics?
Important article from the New Scientist -

How to see into the future

Tim Harford's essay is the winner of the 2014/15 Rybczynski Prize - Billions of dollars are spent on experts who claim they can forecast what’s around the corner, in business, finance and economics. Most of them get it wrong. Now a ground-breaking report has unlocked the secret: it IS possible to predict the future – and a new breed of “superforecasters” know how to do it. Read the article here:


Tim Harford writes on the alchemist fallacy and asks a pertinent question - should we wish that the innovator’s profit share was higher or lower?

The Economics team at Deloitte have looked at 140 years of data on the impact of new technologies on employment - and their results run counter to the conventional wisdom that technology destroys jobs. This is an important article

Development Economics

Excellent presentation from Deutsche Bank economics on growth and development prospects for Ghana

Firms are 'almost eating themselves' Andy Haldane tells Newsnight

Greece - The sacrificial lamb (Stiglitz) Stiglitz is deeply critical of the conditions imposed by the Troika for the latest emergency financial support offered to Greece - this is a piece written in late July 2015 in the New York Tomes

So What Can We Do About Inequality?

Superb interview with Professor AB Atkinson an acknowledged expert for many decades on the economics of inequality -

Will Hutton - ‘Quarterly capitalism’ is short-term, myopic, greedy and dysfunctional

Writing in the Guardian, Will Hutton attacks the short-termism prevalent in financial markets. Few companies grow to any significant size before they are taken over - Is he right?

Keynes - Why we work so much (Planet Money)

Economist John Maynard Keynes published an optimistic essay in 1930 called "Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren." Keynes thought that by now we might be working just 15 hours a week. Why has he been proved wrong?

Joseph Stiglitz: It’s Time to Get Radical on Inequality

Richard Thaler - Behavioural Economics

Richard Thaler with Malcolm Gladwell on Misbehaving

CEO Pay - Top CEOs Make 300 Times More than Typical Workers

This briefing from the Economic Policy Institute provides lots of data on the pay of US CEOs. Certainly worth thinking about from an Economics and Management perspective. To what extent is the chasm in pay and earning between senior executives and shop floor workers damaging to business productivity and profitability in the long run?

Chinese Stock Market Crash

A lengthy piece from BBC news on the background to the sharp fall in Chinese stock markets More on Chinese share prices here from the Deloitte Monday Briefing

Vertical farming

Can urban farming / urban farming make a major contribution to long-term food supply issues? This is a revealing background piece

Avoiding the Natural Resource Curse

Professor Paul Collier (Oxford) has produced this research briefing on how developing countries can avoid the natural resource curse. Harnessing natural resources for inclusive growth

Cesar Hidalgo - Information and Economic Growth

César Hidalgo on Why Information Grows

Peter Singer on Effective Altruism

Can Altruism Be More Effective?

Co-director of the 2015 World Development Report, Varun Gauri

Is Economics Built On A "Monumental Mistake?

A debate between an economist and a biologist from the BigThink web site:

Good universities & bad economics?

In this article Professor Steve Keen from Kingston University argues for pluralist approach absent in many top ranked units

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