RES Essay Competition (2015) - The Importance of Referencing

Over the years, the overall standard of essays submitted for the RES competition has risen considerably. Indeed towards the top end, the quality of writing is exceptional with many students showing a wonderful grasp of economics and the applied relevance of the subject to crucial policy issues and problems. To be in with a shout of getting your essay shortlisted and commended, it is ESSENTIAL that the essay is properly referenced. This short blog outlines what is needed.

Referencing your assignments is an important skill to learn as you move from GCSE through to AS/A2 and then onto higher education

We strongly recommend that you watch the following two videos

Harvard Referencing with Mike Webb (Part One)
Harvard Referencing with Mike Webb (Part Two)

We really do expect to see the work properly referenced either in the form of footnotes at the bottom of each page. Or using a bibliography of sources used at the end of the essay.

Important point:

Words used in footnotes are included in the word count

Words referencing section at the end of the essay are not included.

For those of you unsure of how to create a clear and thorough bibliography I find the Harvard reference generator a neat bit of kit to have on your computer and you can find it here

Please avoid a list of web sites consulted! Specific web pages, research reports, articles, data sources are all fine but you are advised against simply listing a series of Wikipedia pages!

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