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The basics of promotion as part of the marketing mix are introduced in this revision presentation.

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Marketing Mix: Introduction to Promotion

An overview here of the concept of delayering - which involves the removal of layers in the organisational hierarchy. Delayering is a key tool or approach in strategic HRM.

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Delayering (Revision Presentation)

This revision presentation introduces the concept of HRM (human resource management) and outlines why it has become more important as a source of competitive advantage. The most common HRM objectives...

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HRM Objectives and Strategies (Revision Presentation)

The considerations, including demand and supply factors, influencing the choice of business location are considered in this revision presentation.

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Business Location (Revision Presentation)

This revision presentation explores the key concept of lean production. It includes concepts such as time-based management, kaizen, simultaneous engineering, just in time (JIT) and cell production.

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Lean Production (Revision Presentation)

This revision presentation looks at the operational issue of business scale. What are economies of scale and should a business adopt a capital or labour intensive business model?

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Economies of Scale & Resource Mix (Revision Presentation)
Study presentations

Critical Path Analysis

This revision presentation introduces critical path analysis.

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Critical Path Analysis

An introductory revision presentation looking at the key operational objectives set by businesses. These include cost and volume targets, quality, efficiency and environmental.

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Operational Objectives (Revision Presentation)

This revision presentation explains how Michael Porter suggested four "generic" business strategies that could be followed in order to gain competitive advantage. The differentiation and cost leadership strategies seek competitive...

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Porters Generic Strategies (Revision Presentation)

Ansoff's Matrix is a classic model of marketing and business strategy that business students can use very effectively in their exams. This revision presentation outlines the key features of the...

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Ansoff's Matrix (Revision Presentation)

In this revision presentation, some core concepts of marketing data analysis are introduced. The presentation introduces topics such as test marketing, calculation of moving averages, extrapolation, correlation and qualitative methods...

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Analysing Marketing Data (Revision Presentation)

This revision presentation provides an overview of the marketing planning process including a brief description of each stage in marketing planning together with discussion of the role of the marketing...

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Marketing Planning (Revision Presentation)

This revision presentation highlights the role of objectives in marketing planning and illustrates how they can be linked with the other main functional areas. It also summarises the main internal...

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Marketing Objectives (Revision Presentation)

This brief presentation provides students with an introduction to, and overview of, the income statement

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Income Statement (Revision Presentation)

This revision presentation provides an overview of the strategy of cost minimisation in business.

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Cost Minimisation (Revision Presentation)

In this revision presentation, we provide an overview of financial efficiency ratios - which assess how effectively a business is managing its assets.

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Financial Efficiency Ratios (Revision Presentation)

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All the teaching & learning resources provided to delegates at the recent Teaching Quantitative and Numerical Concepts for A Level Business course.

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Teaching Quantitative and Numerical Concepts for A Level Business - Course Resource Pack

Editable worksheets that that enable students to practice all elements of the quantitative and data analysis skills required by the AQA A Level Business Year 1 (AS) teaching content.

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AQA A Level Business Year 1 (AS) Calculation Practice Sheets

The CostLess Stakeholder Grid is an activity used to get students thinking about how business decisions can affect stakeholders. It can be used to develop application, analysis and evaluation.

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The CostLess Stakeholder Grid


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