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Production - job production

Author: Jim Riley  Last updated: Sunday 23 September, 2012

Production & operations - Job production

Job production involves firms producing items that meet the specific requirements of the customer. Often these are one-off, unique items such as those made by an architect or wedding dressmaker. For an architect, each building or structure that he designs will be different and tailored to the needs of each individual client.

With job production, a single worker or group of workers handles the complete task. Jobs can be on a small-scale involving little or no technology. However, jobs can also be complex requiring lots of technology.

With low technology jobs, production is simple and it is relatively easy to get hold of the skills and equipment required. Good examples of the job method include:

  • Hairdressers
  • Tailoring
  • Painting and decorating
  • Plumbing and heating repairs in the home

High technology jobs are much more complex and difficult. These jobs need to be very well project-managed and require highly qualified and skilled workers. Examples of high technology / complex jobs include:

  • Film production
  • Large construction projects (e.g. the Millennium Dome)
  • Installing new transport systems (e.g. trams in Sheffield and Manchester)

The main advantages and disadvantages of using job production include:



Product usually high quality

Cost of producing one unit or job is higher

Producer meets individual customer needs

Labour –intensive

Greater job satisfaction – involved in all stages of production

Requires investment in skills and training

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