Starter Activity - Business Wipeout (1)

Here is an updated version of our popular Business Wipeout challenge…

Download Business Wipeout Challenge 1 (right click - save as a PowerPoint 1997-2003 Show) - the file size is approximately 4MB

This version of Wipeout now contains four quizzes:

- Which 10 of these made it to the top 10 Superbrands in 2009/10 for UK consumers?
- Which of these businesses operates as a franchisor?
- Who has appeared as a contestant on The Apprentice in the UK?
- Which of the these businesses are private, not publicly quoted businesses?

How to play:
The challenge is to identify the correct answers on the board and earn points - 10 points for each correct answer.

Using any method you wish determine which team goes first.

Team 1 has first go at a Wipeout board.

The team chooses the first answer that they think is correct (from the question posed at the bottom of the screen.) The games master then clicks on the teams answer.  If they are correct they will get a ‘star’ symbol.

With a correct answer under their belt, they can choose to pick another answer and continue until they feel they cannot identify anymore correct answers, at which point they may choose to stick on their current point score.

The risk for students is in choosing an incorrect answer - they will get the “W” wipeout symbol and any score achieved is completely wiped out.

Will the students play it safe or go for the maximum score and risk being wiped out?

You can choose to allow the next team to take on the remaining entries on a board - even once a wipeout has happened - as a way of extending the quiz and including more students.

Each quiz has a slightly different number of correct answers, and they are in different positions too.

Technical Point - The download file is a PowerPoint Slideshow, which will run when clicked, but is not editable.

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