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The Irresistible (?) Rise of the Super Rich


I wasn’t surprised to pick up on the news that the world’s wealthiest people are now richer than before the credit crunch.  A striking feature of the last thirty years has been the emergence of a tiny group of people capturing a relatively enormous slice of national income.  You may be astonished to learn that in the UK, the wealthiest 1000 people have assets worth more than £330 billion (that figure alone represents a sum equivalent to almost 40% of the entire debts of the UK government).

This raises a number of issues in Business.  Firstly, you might focus on the marketing opportunities this offers to some firms.  Equally, you might reflect on the CSR and ethical implications of this state of affairs.  And finally: will it last?  Might the tide be turning, with the next thirty years seeing attitudes change and tolerance for this situation coming under attack from electorates and their governments?

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