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A personal request from Geoff and Jim at tutor2u

Thursday, September 08, 2011
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As you may have heard, the hard-working team at tutor2u were sent some good news – we’ve been shortlisted for The O2 Smarta 100 ‘Business of the Year’ award. 

Almost as soon as the news broke, an amazing, switched-on flashmob of tutor2u supporters raced over to the Award Voting page and left some lovely messages about us – we’re still gobsmacked by how supportive these messages are.  They mean the world to us - every one of them.

Will tutor2u beat the other 99 candidates to win the title in 2011?  It’s down to you, because it all boils down to a public vote. Like X-Factor. But luckily without Louis.

Please vote for tutor2u by clicking here.

You just need to register first but it’s simple and quick, and you don’t need to sign up for the organiser’s email newsletters.  You can leave a comment too – the judges will read them all and they might make the difference!  We’re loving reading what you have to say about tutor2u and our team - please do take a few seconds to sign the guest book!

Now, some of you may be thinking - how can we really get behind tutor2u in the voting process?  The answer is - help spread the word!  We’re up against some very impressive and effective PR agencies who currently top the leaderboard. your help in encouraging people to vote for tutor2u really will make the difference.

1. Ask your friends, family, fellow students, everyone in the staff room, the Headmaster, the dinner ladies, any visiting Ofsted Inspectors etc to vote. Send a text; email them; post a tweet.

2. To become our special hero, please update your Facebook status with this link http://www.smarta.com/smarta100/2011-winners/tutor2u

Thank you so much for supporting us. We find out on 21st September so we’ll let you know how we go.

And many thanks for your continued support…

Geoff and Jim

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