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2013 Christmas PowerPoint Learning Game from tutor2u

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Jon and Graham have been busy in the tutor2u Learning Lab creating a new seasonal PowerPoint Learning Game.

In this classic editable quiz, students are challenged to reveal and answer the 24 questions behind the advent calendar windows.

Which student team will come out on top? They'll have to be quick - they have a maximum of 60 seconds to answer each question.

We've pre-loaded 24 Christmas trivia questions in the free download version of this game.

Of course you are free to edit those questions - perhaps by adding in some subject-specific ones! As with all our PowerPoint Learning Games, this is real easy to do. Feel free to share this with all your teaching colleagues!

Download our 2013 Christmas PowerPoint Learning Game

The PowerPoint file comes with full teacher instructions and also a team answer sheet. Team scores are managed within the game, although you can always use a different way of keeping score if you wish.

The Engaged Learner - Effective Teaching Strategies for Every Classroom

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Join the tutor2u team London on 13 November 2014 for a resource-packed celebration of teaching & learning for every department!

The Engaged Learner is the CPD course from tutor2u that is packed full of practical ideas to improve the quality of teaching and learning within EVERY classroom.

The Engaged Learner course provides teachers with an amazing collection of resources and strategies that can be used immediately within the classroom allowing teachers to deliver more creative, effective and outstanding lessons

During the day we look at:

  • An array of bellwork and starter activities to inspire and engage learners from the moment they enter the classroom;
  • Plenaries allowing teachers to effectively review student progress against the learning objectives;
  • Questioning techniques to expand and deepen student learning
  • Strategies for whole-class, individual, and group-work including activities to promote collaborative learning
  • Winning techniques to promote higher order thinking and independent learning
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Contribute to the new tutor2u website!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

We're up and running with a complete redesign and upgrade to the tutor2u website. 

It's a big project for us and the website developers over the summer and we're really excited about the potential to make our website work much more effectively for over 30 million unique users who visit us each year!

The initial phase involves us trying to get as much feedback from users as possible - to help identify the key problems that need fixing and also prioritise the additional functionality we're hoping to include in the new site!

Please get involved by submitting your views to our short online survey.

Get your free copy of the EntrepreneurLIVE 2013 Booklet

Monday, December 30, 2013

One of the many highlights for tutor2u in 2013 was the EntrepreneurLIVE! 2013 roadshow which connected over 3,000 students and business teachers to a fantastic group of young and successful Entrepreneurs.

We still have a few copies left of the EntrepreneurLIVE! 2013 student booklet. This full-colour booklet contains useful profiles of the entrepreneurs who presented, their start-up stories and further teaching & learning resources for student follow-up. 

If you would like one of the remaining free copies, just visit the link below (the booklet is at the foot of the page), add it to the cart and checkout. We'll pop it into the post for you.


Alternatively, you can download a pdf version of the booklet from this link:


Grab a Free CPD Teaching & Learning Resource Taster Pack from tutor2u

In the two weeks before Christmas the team in the tutor2u office were busy shipping hundreds of CPD resource taster packs TBBLE, WOW! Economics and WOW! Politics

We still have a few left - have you requested yours yet? If not, please go ahead. Here are the links:




We're also working on the final details for CPD taster packs for the following CPD courses:



Geography (GCSE):


History (GCSE):


If you have colleagues teaching Law, Geography or History who you feel might like a resource pack, please share this blog link with them!

IB Business & Management Case Study 2014 - The Imperial Hotel

The IB Business & Management case study for 2014 has been released. It is based on the hypothetical hotel - The Imperial. Once again the tutor2u IB Business & Management blog will provide a range of lesson ideas and activities to help your student prepare for the May and Nov 2014 exams.

A tutor2u Case Study Pack on The Imperial, written by Paul Hoang, Margaret Ducie and Urvashi Sharma, will be available in mid-January 2014.

The Case Study Pack can be pre-ordered now and will be sent to colleagues as soon as it is completed.

Order the Imperial Case Study Pack online:


Download a printable order form


New teaching & learning activities you can share with every department!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jonny and Graham have locked themselves away in the tutor2u Learning Lab over the last few weeks and they've just emerged looking somewhat weary, but proudly carrying new teaching & learning activities which we're sure will help engage your students and enliven learning.

Just launched are Trapdoor! and Focus Circle.

In Trapdoor, students have to identify which of the 16 suggested answers are correct - can they avoid falling through the floor? An ideal bell work activity or something to break up a longer lesson - and great fun too!


Focus Circle is all about concentration and topic knowledge. Students are shown the Focus Circle which has up to 4 topic areas (categories) inside and up to 18 words/ phrases around the circle which belong to the different categories. Students select 1 of the topic areas and decide which of the key words/ phrases belong inside the Focus Circle (words that are specifically related to that topic area)

Focus Circle can be used as a bell work activity (an activity that is on the board as students enter the room), a starter or plenary for topics that have recently been covered or as a way of introducing new information that has not previously been covered


With all our PowerPoint learning activities, all you need to do is add some content - maybe some definitions, a few multiple-choice questions or some key terms, dates or quotes. Each activity is fully editable and are ideal for sharing with other departments and teachers in your school or college! Each resource is provided as a network licence for the whole school or institution.

You can see our full collection of resources here:


Alternatively, download a printable order form, decide which resources you'd like for your school or college and send it to us!


Get Daily Updates with New Resources from the tutor2u Subject Blogs

Sunday, March 31, 2013

We've recently moved over to a new service which allows you to have daily digests sent from any of our subject blogs. This is a great way to keep in touch with new resources as they are added and to get first news of student and teacher events. To sign-up for this service, please complete the form below and then reply to the confirmation opt-in email that will be sent to you.

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Revision Toolkits for Pre-release Economics & Business Exams in Summer 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A quick reminder about our collection of revision toolkits for pre-released case studies and stimulus materials. These are popular support materials in the run-up to exams this summer and many are now available. We're working hard to complete the remaining toolkits by the end of March.

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Introducing the Super Teacher Utility Belt - PowerPoint Teaching & Learning Utilities

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jon Clark, our Head of Innovation, has been hard at work creating this new resource which is likely to be useful to and shared by all the departments in our school or college!

Of course, you could just keep it a secret to yourself!

Super Teacher Utility Belt comprises four easy-to-use and quick PowerPoint utilities to help teachers in make their lessons more interactive.

These are a:

  • Random Name Generator: allows you to randomly pick a name from your class
  • Scoreboard: a simple scoreboard to add up scores for any team-based exercise in your class
  • EggTimer: uses a Powerpoint slide as an egg-timer for any activity in class
  • Countdown Clock: gives a simple on-screen message about how long there is left until a significant event (e.g. deadline for assignment or exam date) 
The Super Teacher Utility Belt (1) can be ordered directly from our online store here

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tutor2u launches new collection of PowerPoint-based learning games

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

tutor2u has today launched a new collection of games-based learning resources which use editable PowerPoint files as the basis for engaging and effective classroom learning.

The first three game formats are:

Bingo! - The classic bingo format with a neat educational twist! In our version, students match the definitions given to them as part of a ‘bingo card’ with key phrases shown on the randomly drawn ‘bingo balls’ on screen.

Hangman - Another classic format given a shake-up by allowed you to determine how many incorrect guesses are allowed before grisly gallows are completed!

Memory Blast - a new memory-straining format which helps students test understanding of key definitions. Can they handle duel task of identifying the definitions of key phrases whilst remembering where those definitions are placed on the screen?

Millions of teachers and students use PowerPoint everyday in the classroom and tutor2u's PowerPoint games-based learning collection is being developed to provide schools and colleges with cost-effective ways of making learning more engaging and effective.

Each PowerPoint game is provided as an editable PowerPoint file. All you need to do is add some content suitable for the topic or lesson you are teaching. Some of our game formats are designed to support definitions and/or key terms. Others use multiple-choice questions.  They are ideal as lesson starters, group activities or even whole-lesson resources. 

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Diary Dates for the Spring 2013 Term

Friday, January 04, 2013

Welcome to 2013! We hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing break and that your students put in some suitable revision during their holidays too!

We're now hard at work preparing for our busiest-ever programme of CPD and Student Revision Workshops this term. I thought I would drop you a note with a quick summary of the programme together with links for more information if there is something of interest to you and colleagues.

Here are the upcoming diary dates and links:

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Economics & Business Studies CPD coming up in the Spring Term of 2013

Saturday, December 08, 2012

We’re fast approaching a well-deserved break for all Economics & Business Teachers everywhere!  We’ve had quite a few calls into the office recently asking for suggestions for CPD courses in the New Year so I thought I would highlight the courses that we are running early in 2013.

Places at all our CPD courses in 2012/13 are priced at £190 (+VAT) for a single delegate and £125 (+VAT) for departmental groups of two or more delegates.

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Economics Classroom Resource: UK Economy Chartroom

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Bring your Economics Classroom Right Up-to-date with the UK Economy Chart Room 2012

An updated and thoroughly revised UK Economy Chart Room poster set is now available for immediate dispatch

The aim of these posters is to provide teachers with a set of colour A3 data charts offering students a sense of how the figures have moved over recent years but also bringing them up to speed with the latest developments.

The sixteen charts in the latest edition of UK Chartroom cover the following data series:

  1. Tracking the Economic Cycle
  2. Components of Aggregate Demand
  3. Base Rates, GDP growth and Inflation
  4. Real Value Added in Selected Industries
  5. RPI and CPI Inflation rates
  6. The Cost of Borrowing in the UK
  7. Sterling Exchange Rate and the Trade Balance
  8. Household consumption and the savings ratio
  9. Unemployment rates - claimant count and LFS Regional unemployment rates in the UK
  10. Unemployment in selected OECD countries
  11. UK Fiscal Balance and Economic Growth
  12. UK Bonds, Government Borrowing & the Output Gap
  13. Yields on 10 Year Bonds - A European Perspective
  14. Balance of Payments on Current Account
  15. Estimated Trend Growth Rates

These posters make an ideal classroom resource and can be referred to many times during an AS or A2 macro course.

A complete set of A3 posters together with a digital copy of each is available for just £20.

Order your copy of the UK Economy Chartroom here

Tad Gram Style takes on Eton Style

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Many tutor2u regulars will know that there is a connection between Tadcaster Grammar School (located in a leafy part of the lovely North Yorkshire) and Eton College (in a similarly beautiful part of Berkshire).  Geoff is a Master at Eton, whereas my offspring (Miss T2U and Master T2U) attend TGS.

A couple of weeks ago, the boys at Eton launched what turned out to be a viral hit version of the gangnam dance - Eton Style.

But now Tadcaster has hit back with a typically gritty, northern version (i.e. telling it as it really is).

So, in the interests of balance (and family harmony), we proudly present the two videos...

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Join the tutor2u Subject Team and help us build our Question Bank

Thursday, November 01, 2012

We know our teaching colleagues love to have great resources to help make lessons more engaging and revision more effective.

So, we've decided to build a comprehensive suite of multiple-choice questions and topics, across a wider range of subjects, to support our major investment in games-based learning.

  • Could you be a subject expert and leader in the tutor2u team?
  • Do you have the skills and experience to help us build a fantastic collection of high-quality questions that would be ideal for revision and classroom learning?
We'd love to hear from you if you would like to know more about what is involved.

At this stage, all you need to do is fill in this short form linked below and I will reply with more information on how you can get involved, the benefits to you and the next steps.

For the right candidates, we're offering a generous payment option and we'll also ensure that your school or college benefits appropriately from the teaching resources you help us create.

For Phase One of this project, we are specifically looking for experienced contributors with expertise in one or more of the following subjects at Level 2 (e.g. GCSE, BTEC First) and Level 3 (e.g. GCE, BTEC National):

Accounting | Business Studies | Economics  |  Politics | Mathematics | English Literature  |  English Language  |  Law | Sociology | Psychology | History | Geography  | Chemistry | Biology | Physics | MFL

Please follow this link   below to show an interest in joining the team. And don't forget to pass this opportunity onto colleagues in other departments who you think might be suitable and interested in getting involved.

Introducing the tutor2u Revision App!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You may remember that this time last year we took a stake in a games-based learning platform called Zondle, with the aim of developing resources for mobile learning.

Well It’s here!  Version 1 of our new revision app. Details below about the new App, how to get hold of it, what you can do with it and our development plans.


The app is available right now from for Android and Apple device users: download it from:



We’re now busy adding content that can be accessed via the mobile app - you’ll see this appear in the tutor2u resource folder structure when you access the app. This content includes the weekly Biz Quiz and Economics in the News quizzes.

Please note; you'll need a free Zondle user account  to be able to access all the app resources.

tutor2u Testimonials

Monday, September 17, 2012

We've been grateful to receive many positive testimonials about tutor2u in recent years, including several hundred when we were named as the Smarta 100 winners in 2011. Here are some of the comments which we've received which makes us all proud of what has been achieved to-date and also determined to continue improving and expanding the tutor2u service.

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Edexcel Unit 4a Supergroup Toolkit

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A quick note to let you know that Mark Tottman’s superb strategic analysis of Supergroup is now available.

Mark has provided a comprehensive analysis of the pre-release material on Supergroup, taking each piece of evidence in turn to help explain to students the key issues raised. The strategic issues facing Supergroup and the options available to them are then analysed and evaluated in some depth.

The Supergroup 4a Toolkit can be ordered here

We’re also maintaining a section on the Business Studies blog which provides updates on developments at Supergroup as we go through the period up to the exam.

3 activities for your Economics students this week

Here are 3 suggested lesson activities to get Economics students up and running this term…

The Economics blogging team are fired up and raring to go, with the aim of supporting you and your students throughout 2012/13.

As we start a new school year we thought you might like a selection of lesson activities that could help engage your students with our wonderful subject…

Global Economy Top Trumps

New to Economics: Finding Economics Around You!

Economics in the News Quiz - Summer 2012 Edition

Do you have a resource or teaching activity that you find works really well with returning or new class sets? If you do, we’d love to share it with thousands of colleagues around the world via the Economics Blog. Get in touch if you’d like to get involved [http://www.tutor2u.net/blog/index.php/site/contact-us/] and join the Economics blogging team.

...and don’t forget that there are now almost 300 Economics & Business teachers over in our Linkedin Teacher Community sharing ideas and resources. You are particularly welcome to join the community

3 New Business Lesson Starter Activities

Sunday, September 02, 2012

A new academic year starts for most of us this week. So here are three new business studies lesson activities that might help get the students thinking about the real world of business.

Name the Business Person

Each time you launch this interactive quiz, ten well-known business people are drawn from the quiz database. Can your students work out who they are?

Name the Brand

A relatively simple (and easy?) task of spotting the business brand, part of which is displayed on the worksheet.

Olympic Sponsors Wipeout

Which businesses decided to become sponsors of the London 2012 Games and which did not take part? Our PowerPoint Wipeout format is used for this quick activity.

We’ll be adding lots more resources to the Business Studies blog over the next week - so do keep visiting regularly.

Don’t forget that we also now have a growing Business Teacher community over on Linkedin (200+ colleagues have joined this week alone) - another great way of sharing ideas and resources as we begin a fresh school year.

Visit the Business Teacher Community here

Best wishes

Jim & the team

Join our Community of Economics & Business Teachers

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Something new from tutor2u for 2012/13 and already this is proving a popular feature for our growing network of enthusiastic Economics & Business Studies teachers!

Our Economics & Business Teacher Community over on Linkedin is a very much like a virtual departmental staffroom. No students. Just time to read, discuss topics with like-minded colleagues and share ideas and resources.

If you’d like to get involved, please do come over and join the group.


Lots of interesting topic discussions already, not the least being some disquiet over the standard and method of exam paper marking this summer. I’m sure you and your colleagues have a view on this too - come over and share it.

7 New Business Revision Quizzes

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The tutor2u Business Studies team are hard at work creating loads of new teaching & revision resources for 2012/13.

Just uploaded to the Business Studies Blog are some additional revision quizzes.  Here are the links:

Working in Teams

Communication Basics

Communication Methods

Basics of International Trade

Sectors of the Economy

Business Growth Basics

Business Activities

tutor2u adds 9 million unique user visits in 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

tutor2u has recorded a 9 million increase in unique user visits to www.tutor2u.net, rise of 64% over 2010.

In the twelve months to December 2011, unique user visits are expected to reach 22.5 million compared with 13.6 million in 2010.

The tutor2u website continues to draw visitors from a broad range of international schools, colleges and other educational institutions.  Whilst the UK continues to be the leading source of visitors (38% in 2011), significant user growth was sourced from India (8.5%), Malaysia (3.3%),  Singapore (1.9%), Hong Kong (1.8%) and the UAE (1.8%).

A noticeable feature of the user growth was the growing use of mobile devices to access the tutor2u teaching and revision resources. Visits using smartphones and tablets increased by 332% in 2011 and now represent over 5% of visits.

The user statistics exclude traffic for tutor2u’s other family of websites including the Moodle VLE which currently hosts over 5,000 A Level students and teachers.

The most significant growth in user visits has arisen in the current academic year (2011/12) and, as a result, it is expected that traffic in 2012 will exceed 35 million visits.

tutor2u scoops Marketing Prize and 4th place in Smarta 100

Thursday, September 22, 2011

tutor2u, the provider of online resources for teachers and students, wowed the judges of this year’s Smarta 100 with its innovative marketing strategies and canny use of social media to scoop the Special Award for Marketing.

tutor2u topped a shortlist including hair salon Charlotte Murray, Gower Cottage Brownies, games developer Neon Play, and natural gum makers Peppersmith in this year’s Smarta 100 Awards.  Over 500 companies were nominated in the awards with the final shortlist of 100 coming together for a star-studded awards evening at the O2 Arena in London.

The O2 Smarta 100Special Awards were decided by a judging panel consisting of King of Shaves founder Will King, Bebo founder Michael Birch, PR guru Lynne Franks, TV’s Sarah Beeny, creator of MySingleFriend.com and Tepilo.com, Smarta’s Shaa Wasmund and O2’s Simon Devonshire.

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How Should Exams be Run?  A New Investigation

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An important announcement from the House of Common Select Committee on Education yesterday which I know will be of interest to many colleagues and departments.  Details below if you wish to get involved.

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A personal request from Geoff and Jim at tutor2u

Thursday, September 08, 2011


As you may have heard, the hard-working team at tutor2u were sent some good news – we’ve been shortlisted for The O2 Smarta 100 ‘Business of the Year’ award. 

Almost as soon as the news broke, an amazing, switched-on flashmob of tutor2u supporters raced over to the Award Voting page and left some lovely messages about us – we’re still gobsmacked by how supportive these messages are.  They mean the world to us - every one of them.

Will tutor2u beat the other 99 candidates to win the title in 2011?  It’s down to you, because it all boils down to a public vote. Like X-Factor. But luckily without Louis.

Please vote for tutor2u by clicking here.

You just need to register first but it’s simple and quick, and you don’t need to sign up for the organiser’s email newsletters.  You can leave a comment too – the judges will read them all and they might make the difference!  We’re loving reading what you have to say about tutor2u and our team - please do take a few seconds to sign the guest book!

Now, some of you may be thinking - how can we really get behind tutor2u in the voting process?  The answer is - help spread the word!  We’re up against some very impressive and effective PR agencies who currently top the leaderboard. your help in encouraging people to vote for tutor2u really will make the difference.

1. Ask your friends, family, fellow students, everyone in the staff room, the Headmaster, the dinner ladies, any visiting Ofsted Inspectors etc to vote. Send a text; email them; post a tweet.

2. To become our special hero, please update your Facebook status with this link http://www.smarta.com/smarta100/2011-winners/tutor2u

Thank you so much for supporting us. We find out on 21st September so we’ll let you know how we go.

And many thanks for your continued support…

Geoff and Jim

Introducing Give It A Go!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

We’re thinking ahead to school year 2011/12 right now and we’ve got a new resource for you which we hope will support your teaching in the months ahead.

Give It A Go! is our new teacher resource blog - and this one is a little different.  It is designed to provide support for the whole school in terms of ideas, approaches and resources which can be used across the curriculum and shared between departments. The focus of the blog is on creative teaching - ways to engage students, encourage participation and make learning memorable.

The Give It A Go Blog is now up and running with an initial selection of ideas - come over and take a look.


You can keep up-to-date with the latest Give It A Go resources by following the blog on Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/t2uGiveItAGo) or by opting to receive the email digest whenever new materials are made available to download or try. To receive this digest, please follow this link:


We hope that you find the teaching ideas on the new blog useful.  Please let your colleagues know about it - particularly in other deparments who you think might like to try some new approaches to creative teaching and learning.

tutor2u enjoys record visitor growth for 2011

Monday, August 01, 2011

tutor2u has recorded record visitor statistics for the year ended 31 July 2011.  In the 12 months to July 2011, the main tutor2u website (www.tutor2u.net) received 18.4 million visits, a 65.3% increase over the previous year.

The number of visitors referred by tutor2u’s daily blog digest system increased by 45.6% in the year.  Over 14,000 teachers now receive a daily update of new teaching and study resources as they are added to the 12 subject blogs maintained by tutor2u.

Social media also played a key role in the website traffic growth.  tutor2u’s Facebook page added 19,500 fans during the year resulting in a 368% increase in visitors directly from Facebook.  Visitors from Twitter also increased, by 167% compared with 2009/10.

An increasing number of visitors found tutor2u using their mobile devices.  Visits from the Facebook app, for example, grew by 4,755%  Almost 100,000 visits came from iPad users (a 3,171% rise) and 175,000 iPhone users logged into the blogs during the year (a fourfold increase).

tutor2u’s 18.4 million visitors came from a total of 232 countries/territories. The top countries were UK (7.4m), USA (2.6m), India (1.5m), Malaysia (0.6m) and Australia (0.5m).

School Year 2011: The End of Year Wrap

Thursday, July 07, 2011

We’ve just returned from our two Economics & Business Studies conferences with memories of some fantastic speakers and meeting so many colleagues over the two days (300 in total!).  The session presentations are available now on the blogs below together.  We’ll be adding further reflections on the sessions and follow-up blogs over the coming days.

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AS & A2 Economics Revision Workshops in November & December 2012

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