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Popular resources from the last month
The most popular resources on the Politics Blog this month are:

Title Author Date Views
AS Politics: direct democracy Mike McCartney Oct 2011 1617
Revision Update: The Executive: Collective and Individual Ministerial Responsibility Mike Simpson May 2013 882
AS revision: some definitions Mike McCartney May 2008 789
The Eliminator Quiz - Introduction to AS Politics Jonny Clark Sep 2014 631
WOW! Politics 2015 Jim Riley Sep 2014 546
Bullingdon Club antics don’t look too good in a recession Jim Riley Oct 2008 402
Pressure Group Example for Exams Mark Evetts Oct 2011 336
AS essay tips Mike McCartney May 2011 325
A to Z of Famous UK Politicians tutor2u Admin Feb 2008 323
Lesson Activity - ‘Face It’ multiple choice quiz on topical politics news stories Jonny Clark Sep 2014 295
Revision Update: Parliament: Is Executive Power Checked? Mike Simpson May 2013 290
Essential update: differences between Labour and the Conservatives Mike McCartney Nov 2010 263
Disadvantages of direct democracy Mike McCartney Dec 2009 250
Political Compass activity - test students knowledge of UK party position Jonny Clark Sep 2014 247
US Example Essay - Committees and Congress Mike Simpson May 2014 228
‘Four Words’ - an interactive, lively test of some key phrases from the start of the AS Curriculum Jonny Clark Oct 2014 228
Impact of the Human Rights Act Mike McCartney May 2011 227
AS revision: the Human Rights Act Mike McCartney May 2009 222
FPTP October 2014 - New Articles Jim Riley Sep 2014 213
Introductory Government & Politics crossword quiz Jonny Clark Sep 2014 210
Politics reading list Mike McCartney Jun 2008 199
Membership of Political Parties Geoff Riley Sep 2014 193
What does Cabinet do? Mike McCartney Nov 2010 189
The West Lothian question Geoff Riley Sep 2014 174
US Politics Update - The Congress Mike Simpson May 2014 172
Revision Update: US Politics: Pressure Groups, Newtown and the NRA Mike Simpson May 2013 144
Different Back Bench Factions within the Conservative Party narmstrong Feb 2012 138
AS revision: Ministerial responsibility Mike McCartney May 2009 137
‘Wordsnake’ Activity on recent Party Conference Speeches Jonny Clark Oct 2014 135
Revision Update: UK Politics: Exemplar Answer: Functions of Political Parties Mike Simpson May 2013 132
Revision Update: UK Politics: Exemplar Answer: Does the Executive Have Too Much Power? Mike Simpson May 2013 131
The Presidency and the Power To Persuade Giles Marshall Mar 2012 126
Revision Update: Elections: Voting Behaviour and the Next General Election Mike Simpson May 2013 125
Global Issues: Top Films Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Feb 2010 123
Scottish Independence White Paper - Top Tips for Inclusion Scott Thomas Nov 2013 122
Parliament and government: the basics Mike McCartney Feb 2009 109
Labour lists its greatest achievements since 1997 Jim Riley Feb 2008 106
The Rise and Fall of the EDL - Pressure Groups in Context Jim Riley Jan 2014 100
A2 Students - It’s Crunch Time Scott Thomas Mar 2013 91
GOV4A Revision Materials Scott Thomas May 2013 90
Pressure group methods Mike McCartney Sep 2008 88
Six Principles of the US Constitution - Video Introduction Jim Riley Sep 2012 85
A Decline of Responsibility and Principles? Jim Riley Jan 2014 84
Reappraising the House of Lords Jim Riley Jan 2014 81
Have post 1997 constitutional reforms been a success? Mike McCartney May 2011 80
Revision Update: Parliament: House of Lords Mike Simpson May 2013 78
Revision Update: UK Politics: Are Labour the Tories Democratic Organisations? Mike Simpson May 2013 76
Revision Update: UK Politics: Exemplar Answer: MPs and their Constituents Mike Simpson May 2013 75
The Greenback Rules? Pressure Groups and Money in US Politics Jim Riley Jan 2014 75
Voter Turnout in the UK General Election 2010 Jonny Clark Oct 2013 74
US government guide Mike McCartney Jan 2009 73
Devolution revision: differences in Scotland and Wales Mike McCartney May 2008 73
Federalism: advantages and disadvantages Mike McCartney Oct 2009 70
Wow Politics - Websites recommended by Politics Teachers Jonny Clark Nov 2013 68
House of Lords - Welfare Bills savaged by Lords Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Jan 2012 67
Social media and pressure groups Geoff Riley Mar 2010 67
Revision Update: UK Politics: Conservative Party Mike Simpson May 2013 64
Party renewal in the USA Mike McCartney Feb 2009 63
American Politics revision: eight exam tips Mike McCartney Jun 2009 61
American Politics revision: separation of powers Mike McCartney May 2009 61
US revision: Obama’s executive office Mike McCartney Jun 2009 57
Easy intro to British Politics Mike McCartney Sep 2011 57
How important is the Vice President? Mike McCartney Oct 2008 56
Pressure Groups & the NHS Jim Riley Dec 2009 55
Revision Update: UK Politics: Internal Party Democracy Mike Simpson May 2013 55
Explaining the Alternative Vote System with Chimps, Cheetahs and Foxes! Jim Riley Jan 2014 53
AS revision: Parliament Mike McCartney May 2008 52
Judicial neutrality Mike McCartney Jan 2008 51
Elections in 2014 Scott Thomas Jan 2014 47
US federalism Mike McCartney Jun 2011 46
Lesson Activity - UK Politician Bingo Jim Riley Sep 2010 46
US revision: Obama and federalism Mike McCartney Jun 2009 45
Presidential primaries: study note update Mike McCartney Oct 2011 45
Pressure group success in action Jim Riley May 2009 45
Explaining the differences between Left and Right Jim Riley Oct 2009 43
WOW! Politics 2014 Jim Riley Oct 2013 43
9/11 ten years on Mike McCartney Sep 2011 43
Do we want more EU? Mike McCartney Sep 2011 43
American Politics revision: seven exam tips Mike McCartney Nov 2009 41
Should a Visit to the Polling Station be Compulsory for First-Time Voters? Jim Riley Aug 2013 41
AS revision: Parliamentary scrutiny Mike McCartney May 2009 40
Should UK Voters Have the Right to Recall an Unwanted MP? Jim Riley Oct 2013 39
Parliament: the Wright Effect Jim Riley Jan 2014 38
A Thawing of Relations Between China and Taiwan? Jim Riley Feb 2014 37
One Nation Labour & Some Revision on GOVP1 and GOV3B Scott Thomas Jan 2013 37
Labour: a summary of old and new Labour policies Mike McCartney Oct 2009 37
Introduction to AS: constitutional change Mike McCartney Sep 2011 36
US elections 2008: voting behaviour and race Mike McCartney Aug 2008 36
Revision Update: The Executive: Prime Ministerial Power Mike Simpson May 2013 36
Arab spring - The Path to Protest Ben Christopher Jun 2011 34
My Tip Top Tips for Application to University Scott Thomas Nov 2013 34
World Politics and International Relations at IB level Verity Aylward Sep 2009 33
Global Issues - Afghanistan Interactive Timeline Jim Riley Dec 2009 33
The rise of single issue pressure groups Mike McCartney Feb 2008 32
Constitutional reform revision: freedom of information Mike McCartney May 2008 31
AS revision: decline of Parliament Mike McCartney May 2009 31
UK Electoral Reform demonstrated with Lego! Jim Riley Feb 2012 30
Pressure group power Mike McCartney Feb 2008 30
On Parliamentary Sovereignty Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Oct 2011 30
Pressure groups update: students and young people Mike McCartney Dec 2010 28
Ideologies and Parties: New Labour and Liberalism Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Mar 2012 28
Politics Teachers - Grab a Free Taster of WOW! Politics Jim Riley Nov 2013 27
Revision Update: US Politics: The Supreme Court Mike Simpson May 2013 27
West Lothian Question Redux Mike McCartney Sep 2011 27
AS intro to Politics: political parties activity Mike McCartney Sep 2011 27
Revision Update: US / UK Politics: Exemplar Answer: A Bill of Rights? Mike Simpson May 2013 26
Intro to AS politics: party political divisions Mike McCartney Aug 2011 26
AS revision: UK pressure groups and democracy Mike McCartney May 2009 26
Revision Update: US Politics: Obama’s Second Administration Mike Simpson May 2013 26
Edexcel Unit 1 revision: political parties (Dec 2007) tutor2u Admin Dec 2007 25
Pressure groups and democracy Mike McCartney Dec 2010 25
The Decline of Party Membership - Cameron’s Collapse Jim Riley Sep 2013 25
Judiciary: Judges becoming too politicized? Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Nov 2011 25
Global Issues: Human Rights ~ ICC and Africa - Dim Prospects Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Feb 2011 24
A Level Politics eBook - Representative Processes in the USA - US Elections Jim Riley Jul 2011 24
FPTP - Independence for Scotland? Jim Riley Nov 2013 24
US update: Initiatives in the recent US election James Armstrong Nov 2012 24
Old Labour v New Labour Mike McCartney Nov 2008 23
AS revision: What do Naomi Campbell and Prince Charles have in common? Mike McCartney Apr 2009 23
Global Issues: Cultural Conflict ~ Islam and Identity Politics Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Jan 2011 23
Pressure groups in action: carry on, doctor Mike McCartney Mar 2011 22
Party politics: the consensus on law and order Mike McCartney Feb 2011 22
Politics Quiz 29th January 2013 Scott Thomas Jan 2013 22
New blog for AS and A2 Government and Politics launched Simon Sharpe-Foster Oct 2012 21
US political parties: introductory exercise Mike McCartney Sep 2011 21
FPTP - Recent developments within the US Supreme Court Jim Riley Nov 2013 21
President as “bargainer-in-chief” Louise Gibbard Nov 2009 20
A deepening democratic deficit? Mike McCartney Jul 2011 20
Think the UK judiciary is boring?  Think again Mike McCartney Feb 2009 20
The Great Offices of State GOVP2 Scott Thomas Apr 2013 19
Revision Update: UK Politics: Exemplar Answer: Parliament and the Executive Mike Simpson May 2013 19
My top 9 UK politics You Tube clips Mike McCartney Sep 2011 19
Modern Conservatism - In Thought And Action Giles Marshall Jan 2012 19
Electoral Systems Scott Thomas Dec 2012 19
A Labour Party Policy (at last!) Ben Fuller Apr 2013 19
Political Parties in the UK: The Fragmentation of the “Far Right” Jim Riley Aug 2012 19
The state of education: more classic politics on YouTube Mike McCartney Oct 2011 18
FPTP - The Death of Trayvon Martin Jim Riley Nov 2013 18
Politics Teacher Resource Newsletter Jim Riley Aug 2012 17
US Politics - Can You Buy an Election? Jim Riley Dec 2012 17
Revision Update: Parliament: Select Committees - Watchdogs Without Teeth? Mike Simpson May 2013 17
Introducing Politics: Gay Marriage and UK Democracy Mike McCartney Sep 2011 17
Elections in America 2012 Jim Riley Dec 2012 17
Politics Classroom Posters - Devolution Jim Riley Aug 2010 17
The political compass Mike McCartney Oct 2010 17
The importance of the vice-presidency Mike McCartney Jul 2008 17
Politics Classroom Posters - UK Constitution Jim Riley Nov 2009 17
Global Issues: Identity Politics and Cultural Conflict - The Great Divide within Islam Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Feb 2010 17
Ideologies: Hayek v Keynes - the Boom and Bust Rap Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Jan 2012 17
Globa Issues: Cultural Conflict ~ Difference between Sunnis and Shiites Owen Moelwyn-Hughes Feb 2011 16

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