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Twitter for law teachers

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Twitter is a fantastic resource for teachers. There are many practitioners on twitter, swapping ideas and discussing teaching practice. It would be great if more law teachers were to sign up - so I’ve set up a group for tweeting law teachers - click here! Why not give twitter a go in 2010 - it’s a great professional development tool. Also, click here to follow me - I’m always looking for other law teachers to pool ideas with!

Mode of Trial proceedings

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Interesting example here of Mode of Trial proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court. The case involves Magistrate (and MBE, no less)  Salima Hafejee, who is accused of theft and fraud. Despite the relatively low sums of money involved, the case is due to be committed to Crown Court in February due to the alleged fraud involving a charity and the Defendant’s standing in the community.

A good case to use with students to illustrate the type of triable either way offence that will be committed to Crown Court for trial.

Stop and Search

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nice example of the police using s44 of the Terrorism Act to stop and search here, and good video material to get your students thinking about the balance between liberty and security.

The clip shows events as a Guardian journalist is searched under powers designed to stop terrorists…. a good starting point for a bit of police powers revision and some AO2 discussion (if you’re OCR!) in a week in which the police have had to be reminded that photographing buildings is not generally an offence per se....

Are law students being taken for a ride?

A timely reminder with exams approaching of one of the disadvantages of the legal training process - namely, that there are now many more students than jobs - arrives in the form of this story from the Times. Leading law school BPP is being investigated by the Bar Council for exceeding its approved quota of students by more than 25%, meaning that in some cases students who have secured a pupillage were left facing the prospect of being withdrawn by BPP from their place on the Bar Vocational Course. The Times correctly notes that BPP stand to gain amost £1m in extra fees from this over-subscription.

For students, this highlights the perception that, whilst law schools may be keen to take their money, the more students they take on, the less places there are on completion of either the BVC or LPC. There are allegations that BPP were taking advantage of would-be lawyers, although of course we await the outcome of the Bar Standards Board’s investigation…

Great story for English Legal System revision generally…

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jemima Phillips, official harpist to Prince Charles, was found guilty of handling stolen goods at Gloucester Crown Court today, having already admitted fraud. Apparently the cause of her offending is drug-related. This makes a great story to use with AS students to revise, inter alia, bail, sentencing, criminal courts, and appeals! The BBC have the story on video. Read on for Sky’s take on it, and to download a worksheet for your students.

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New Youth Justice Site

Friday, December 04, 2009

A new site to check out when you get time.

Your Justice, Your World is aimed at students from 7 to 16. According to the spiel on teachernet “The site provides a range of fresh and visually appealing ideas to open up a range of justice-based scenarios and subject areas to learning and discussion”.

It is particularly good on criminal justice and would contains good introductory material for AS and GCSE Law students. In particular there are flash activities which can be used with an interactive whiteboard, or by students at their individual PCs.

The site features material on consumer law, employment law, police powers, and sentencing.

Don’t forget to add your comments about the site using the comments box below.

Pudding fear of litigation first…

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Those of you teaching Contract Law at A2 will be used to dealing with exemption clauses. For OCR, exemption clauses are this year’s special study paper topic.
This story is (excuse another pun) a cracker.

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