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Current Affairs Quiz #1

Wednesday, September 02, 2009
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IB classes have resumed and here’s the first of this year’s current affairs quizzes to get students thinking and applying real world business events to their studies…

1. Air China is in talks with which other airline to set up a joint venture in the air cargo industry?

2. Chrysler and which Japanese car maker have scrapped plans to supply each other with vehicles due to the turmoil in the motor industry? 

3. eBay is in talks with which US car maker to sell its vehicles via the auction website?

4. According to the latest study by banking group UBS, which country offers the world’s best salaries? 

5. Which American multinational corporation decided to sell its pharmaceuticals division in a US$3.1 billion deal with Warner Chilcott? 

6. Which Japanese electronics giant has launched its Daily Reader, a device used in the electronic-books market? 

7. Which company owns the brands: Crest, Olay, Ariel, Duracell, Gillette, Head-and-shoulders, and Oral-B? 

8. Which ASEAN country celebrates in National Day on 2nd September (independence from France in 1945)? 

9. Which company owns the brands CoverGirl, Max Factor, SK II,  and Vidal Sassoon?

10. Name the world’s largest supplier of cashew nuts and black pepper (Hint: it is also the world’s second largest exporter of rice and coffee).

11. Which country is home to all of the following large multinational corporations: Swatch Group, Credit Suisse, Nestle, and Novartis?


Cathay Pacific, Nissan, GM, Switzerland, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Sony, P&G, Vietnam, P&G, Vietnam, Switzerland

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