EntrepreneurLIVE! 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014
by Jim Riley

We are pleased to announce details of EntrepreneurLIVE! 2014 - our enrichment event that connects students with fantastic entrepreneurs - LIVE!

Download a booking form here or contact Janet Cahill in the tutor2u office with your required numbers

EntrepreneurLIVE! 2013 was a sell-out (twice-over) and our team of successful entrepreneurs had a fantastic time meeting over 4,000 students and teachers, telling their stories and answering some great questions!

EntrepreneurLIVE! 2014 is going to be even bigger and better and we are thrilled with the line-up of entrepreneurs who have already agreed to join us in the autumn. All will be revealed soon!

We are delighted that EntrepreneurLIVE! 2014 is being supported by RBS, Nat West and OCR. We are keen to connect with other organisations that may wish to support what is now the UK's biggest and best LIVE! student enterprise event. If you are interested in partnering with tutor2u please contact Michelle Stephenson.

The dates and locations for EntrepreneurLIVE! 2014 are:

Manchester - 17 October 2014 (Vue Cinema, Salford Quays)

London - 21 October 2014 (Vue Cinema, Fulham Broadway)

Bristol 22 October 2014 (Vue Cinema, Cribbs Causeway)

Birmingham 23 October 2014 (Vue Cinema, Star City)

Edinburgh 4 November 2014 (RBS HQ Edinburgh)

Belfast 7 November 2014 (venue tbc)

Download a booking form here or contact Janet Cahill in the tutor2u office with your required numbers

To help get a feel for the event, Schools and colleges can request a FREE copy of the EntrepreneurLIVE 2013 Student Booklet - please order your copy here

Revision Classes on Zondle for BUSS1, BUSS2, BUSS3 and BUSS4

Saturday, April 19, 2014
by Jim Riley

We know that some students appreciate the opportunity for some extra and/or different revision support as they prepare for key summer exams.

As a trial, we've set up a series of revision classes on the tutor2u section of our sister company Zondle.

We'll add a series of key topic tests to these classes which students who are registered on Zondle (it's free!) can use as part of their exam revision.

We're not quite sure what the maximum number of students per class is (if there is a maximum) - so these classes are offered on a first-come, first served basis.

To join a class, first register as a student on Zondle and then enter the relevant class codes which are listed below.

Summer Revision Classes on Zondle (enter the class codes for the classes you would like to join)

BUSS1 19 May 2014

class-code: 290-66325

BUSS2 3 June 2014

class-code: 290-66326

BUSS3 13 June 2014

class-code: 290-66323

BUSS4 18 June 2014

class-code: 290-66322

Will Scottish independence deliver cheaper stamps?

by SirSolo

This BBC News article discusses the cost savings Royal Mail PLC may experience should Scotland vote for independence on the 18th September 2014.

If Scotland became independent the Royal Mail (RM), whose universal service obligation demands that they deliver “at an affordable, uniform tariff across the UK”, would no longer service Scotland and its remote locations, including all the difficult to reach areas such as parts of the Highlands and the 94 inhabited islands. These locations have, in essence, been subsidised by income from Royal Mail's ‘easier to reach’ customers based throughout the UK, all of which pay the same price for their mail.

Some worried that the privatisation of Royal Mail would bring the universal service under threat, but a recent report by the National Audit Office states that RM would be able to sustain the universally priced, 6-day a week service. The BBC article asks if the price of sending mail and parcels will be reduced (as no doubt it could be) but Royal Mail is yet to comment. Consider the marginal cost of sending a letter or a parcel to the Outer Hebrides compared to sending it somewhere on the south coast of England; and factor in the need for air, sea and land transport, compared to just using a van...

It is, however, acknowledged that deliveries to these areas are relatively small in number when compared to the 70 million items posted daily and so the cost changes of an independent Scotland may be negligible. Plus, with current City forecasts predicting pre-tax profits in excess of £500m during 2015, the risk to tax payers being reduced and most of the Royal Mail's ownership now in the hands of private shareholders, it is unlikely that any reduction in costs realised would ever be passed on to customers.

An interesting article with plenty of links to business theory for students to apply their knowledge, analysis and evaluation skills to.

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