Court Out! Red Bull and other cases of false advertising

Friday, October 31, 2014
by Michael Albanese

Prepare yourselves for a shock; Red Bull does NOT give you wings, and have had to pay over $13m in compensation for saying so. I would assume the latter statement caused more astonishment than the former, and so I looked into previous false advertising cases and compiled the attached game called Court Out.

There are 10 case of false advertising, students have to decide which businesses were “court out” and had to pay damages, which advertising campaigns “got away with it” and which one is an urban legend. On the final slide is Graham’s “Spectrum of Analysis” in which students must evaluate which ones they felt were the most or least culpable.

To prevent any class action law suits against me, I would say it is a relatively fun and engaging game that should promote discussion and evaluation and might help students understand the fine line between good marketing and mendacity*.

*learning not guaranteed but I hope it helps!

Introduction to marketing assignment.

Friday, October 24, 2014
by Ben Cahill

As a way to introduce the marketing topic, I get my students to research and present an example of an interesting and / or innovative marketing campaign. As well as providing some great examples, it gets them thinking about some of the key terms that we will use as we progress through the unit. 

To start off with, I show them a couple of examples of an innovative campaign. The first is a campaign for Duracell in which holding hands with someone else in a bus stop causes it to provide heating. The video for this can be seen below.

Another example which is not video based is Google's own campaign for its search app. This can be seen here.

We talk about what these businesses are trying to achieve with their campaigns, who the target market might be and an estimate of the cost involved. I then explain that I want them to find something similar and present it to the class. My only stipulation is that it can't be a TV commercial - I want something a bit different. It could be video based like the Duracell campaign or one or a series of pictures like the Google campaign. The following questions should be answered.

- what did you like about the campaign?

- who is the campaign aimed towards (target market) and what are the likely objectives?

- what are the likely costs involved and how might this compare to a TV advertising campaign?

It is not meant to be a major piece of work, although it could be scaled up as much as you like (for example it could be done at the end of the marketing unit). I work with a maximum of 3 slides on the answers plus whatever they need to actually show the campaign.

Another example that I have used in the past is the Invisible Mercedes, see below.

Trick or Treat Business Challenge

Monday, October 20, 2014
by Jim Riley

A seasonal quiz challenge for your business students here courtesy of @tutor2u_jon in the tutor2u Learning Lab.

You'll need some suitable treats handy before you start.

Each student must choose one of the pumpkins on screen. If the student is lucky the pumpkin will have a smiley face and the student simply receives a treat. If they are unlucky the pumpkin will have a wicked face and they must correctly answer the business question to earn a treat!

We've provided 10 questions ready to go. You can edit this PPT file to add your own.

Download Trick or Treat Business Challenge

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