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The most popular resources on the Business Blog this month are:

Title Author Date Views
Q&A - What is globalisation? Jim Riley Oct 2009 4006
Q&A - What is market segmentation? Jim Riley Jan 2010 3579
Q&A - What factors affect the demand for a product? Jim Riley Mar 2009 3575
An A to Z of UK High Street Retailers Jim Riley Feb 2008 3172
Q&A - What are the main advantages and disadvantages of being a private limited company? Jim Riley Feb 2009 3091
Q&A - Define what is meant by quality Jim Riley Dec 2009 2669
Q&A - What are the main causes of unemployment? Jim Riley Oct 2009 2604
Q&A - What is the difference between “above” and “below the line” promotion? Jim Riley Jan 2011 2328
Business Studies Revision Quizzes - Master Listing Jim Riley May 2013 1968
Q&A - What is meant by adding value Jim Riley Mar 2009 1910
Q&A - What are the main benefits of good customer service? Jim Riley May 2009 1795
Q&A - How is the current ratio calculated and interpreted? Jim Riley Jan 2011 1763
Probably the best HR joke in the world! Graham Salisbury Sep 2009 1658
Q&A - What is market demand? Jim Riley May 2009 1657
Q&A - What are retained profits? Jim Riley May 2009 1497
Six simple, engaging teaching and learning strategies for Business Studies Graham Prior Jul 2014 1447
Nokia and Strategic Change - the Essential A2 Business Case Jim Riley Jun 2012 1422
Organisation Culture: Strong v Weak Jim Riley May 2013 1375
Q&A -  What is share capital Jim Riley May 2009 1364
6 Essential M&A Cases: Tata Group buys Jaguar Land Rover Jim Riley May 2012 1351
Q&A - Why is the cash flow forecast so important? Jim Riley Apr 2009 1345
Q&A - What is price and why is it so important in the marketing mix? Jim Riley Dec 2009 1332
Starbucks’ Long-term Investment in Leadership of the Chinese Coffee Shop Market Jim Riley Jun 2014 1294
BUSS1 - Market Size, Share and Growth Calculations Jim Riley Jan 2013 1294
Q&A - What is the difference between niche and mass marketing? Jim Riley Jan 2010 1291
Q&A - Explain the causes of inflation Jim Riley Jul 2009 1248
Samsung - the World’s Biggest Diversified Company? Jim Riley Feb 2013 1216
Jaguar Land Rover’s Strategy for Growth in China Jim Riley Jun 2014 1210
Q&A - What are the main factors driving globalisation? Jim Riley Oct 2009 1185
Q&A - How are businesses affected by unemployment? Jim Riley Oct 2009 1180
GCSE & IGCSE Business Studies Revision Notes - Master Listing Jim Riley Apr 2013 1091
Q&A - Explain what is meant by labour productivity and how it can be measured? Jim Riley Dec 2010 1080
Vending Machine Pizza Donna Jestin Jul 2014 1061
Researching the Royal Mail - A Great Case Study in Change Management Jim Riley Mar 2013 1050
Q&A - How does a business benefit from having a well-motivated workforce? Jim Riley May 2009 1046
Q&A - Explain the four main leadership styles Jim Riley Oct 2009 1031
Q&A - What are the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs? Jim Riley Mar 2009 1030
Q&A - Explain what labour turnover is and why it happens Jim Riley Dec 2010 1029
EntrepreneurLIVE! 2014 Jim Riley Aug 2014 1011
Q&A - What is the “creditor days” ratio? Jim Riley Jan 2011 1011
Q&A - Why is quality so important in business? Jim Riley Dec 2009 999
Would You Fit into the Organisational Culture at Ikea? Jim Riley May 2013 978
Q&A - What is the role of “place” in the marketing mix? Jim Riley Jan 2011 939
The Main Motives Behind Takeovers and Mergers Jim Riley Mar 2012 905
A Level Business New Specifications - Free Briefing Jim Riley Aug 2014 892
Q&A - Explain the role of marketing objectives Jim Riley Jan 2010 824
Takeovers and Mergers - one that went badly wrong (BMW and Rover) Steve Whiteley May 2012 805
Q&A - What are the main causes of a cash flow problem? Jim Riley Apr 2009 789
Organisational Culture - The Crucial Importance of Core Values Jim Riley May 2013 786
Barbie, you’re hired Penny Brooks Jun 2014 777
Q&A - What is motivation? Jim Riley May 2009 776
Q&A: What are synergies in takeovers and mergers? Jim Riley Feb 2012 773
Q&A - What is profit and why is it important? Jim Riley Mar 2009 760
Why Localisation Is Important for Success in China – Yum! Brands and the Rapid Growth of KFC Jim Riley Sep 2013 721
Q&A - What are goods and services? Jim Riley Mar 2009 707
Revision Quiz - Sources of Finance for a Startup Jim Riley May 2012 665
Six superb business lesson activities from Lord Sutch Jim Riley Aug 2010 662
Q&A - What factors determine the type of distribution channel used by a business? Jim Riley Jan 2011 653
Q&A - Explain “organic” or internal growth Jim Riley Dec 2010 649
How Did P&G Reach the Top in China? Jim Riley Sep 2013 644
AQA BUSS3 Revision Presentations Jim Riley Apr 2014 637
iPod in the decline phase of the product life cycle Tom White Jan 2014 632
Q&A - What are fixed costs? Jim Riley Mar 2009 610
Q&A - How are businesses affected by changes in interest rates? Jim Riley May 2009 584
Gallery of Entrepreneurs Kelly Chalk Aug 2014 567
Q&A - Why might the objectives of stakeholders be in conflict? Jim Riley Dec 2010 559
Revision Presentation - Porter’s Generic Strategies Jim Riley Dec 2012 552
Ikea in China - The Classic Long-term Success Story Built on Localisation Jim Riley Jun 2014 550
Exam Coaching & Revision Workshops for AQA AS/A2 Business in 2015 Jim Riley Jul 2014 538
Takeovers and mergers: Every merger deal that has ever occurred (explained in fewer than 1000 words) Ryan Cook Jun 2012 531
Abandoned Shopping Carts: Why did Tesco and Best Buy Fail in China? Jim Riley Sep 2013 527
WOW! Business 2015 - The UK’s Best Business Teacher CPD Course Jim Riley Aug 2014 527
Starbucks chooses strategic alliance in bid to enter the Indian market Jim Riley Mar 2012 520
Q&A - What determines price elasticity of demand? Jim Riley Feb 2009 516
Q&A - What is competitor-based pricing? Jim Riley Jan 2011 514
11 Classic Starter Activities for Business Lessons Jim Riley Nov 2010 514
Leadership - 40 examples of leadership at the movies in just 120 seconds Jim Riley Jan 2012 507
Exam Technique: Maximise your Marks in BUSS3 Jim Riley Jan 2013 502
AQA BUSS4 Section A CPD Briefings for June 2015 Jim Riley Aug 2014 497
Q&A - What are SMART objectives? Jim Riley Dec 2010 494
Q&A - Who are the main users of financial accounts? Jim Riley Jan 2011 491
Q&A - Explain Ansoff’s Matrix Jim Riley Jan 2010 491
World Cup glory: For country or cash? SirSolo Jul 2014 486
Q&A - What is a brand name and what are the advantages of having a strong brand? Jim Riley Feb 2009 479
AQA A2 Business (BUSS3) - Key Term Glossary Jim Riley Apr 2010 479
Bellwork Activity - Equation Graham Prior Oct 2012 478
Q&A - What is capacity utilisation and why is it important? Jim Riley Feb 2009 472
BUSS4 Exam Technique - The Basics of PEEL Jim Riley Jun 2013 472
Q&A - What factors should a business consider when setting its prices? Jim Riley Dec 2009 471
Measuring the competitiveness of a business Jim Riley May 2012 471
Q&A - Outline the main stages in the marketing planning process Jim Riley Jan 2010 464
BUSS4 - China: Opportunities, Threats, Success & Failure Jim Riley Nov 2013 457
Q&A - What is the difference between outsourcing and offshoring? Jim Riley Dec 2010 450
Business Logo cakes – continuous improvement. Ben Cahill Aug 2014 449
Topic Tennis Graham Prior Jul 2009 444
AQA AS Business (BUSS1) - Key Term Glossary Jim Riley May 2012 443
Q&A - What are the advantages and drawbacks of marketing planning Jim Riley Jan 2010 443
Takeovers and Mergers - the Language of M&A Jim Riley Jun 2012 442
Q&A - What is gearing? Jim Riley Jan 2010 436
New A Level Business Specifications - Order Your Free Department Briefing Jim Riley May 2014 435
Organisational Culture: When the Culture Needs to Change Jim Riley Jun 2013 429
Revision Presentation - Business Ethics Jim Riley Aug 2014 428
AQA BUSS4 Research Theme Toolkit for June 2015 Jim Riley Aug 2014 426
What do we mean by “competitiveness”? Jim Riley May 2012 426
Brilliant Video for Just in Time and Kaizen Graham Prior Nov 2011 424
Q&A - What is a cash flow forecast? Jim Riley Apr 2009 423
Organisational Culture: Toxic Culture and Business Performance Jim Riley May 2013 422
What do HR Managers exactly do? Part Three - Resourcing and Talent Planning Graham Salisbury Sep 2009 420
Prediction - A plenary and a starter Graham Prior Feb 2011 418
AQA BUSS3 Revision Quizzes Jim Riley Apr 2014 415
Starter Activity - Thinking Skills Bingo Graham Prior Mar 2009 412
Q&A - How is stock turnover calculated and interpreted? Jim Riley Jan 2011 411
Q&A - Outline the main business benefits from market segmentation Jim Riley Jan 2010 409
100 topical examples of business innovation Jim Riley Sep 2010 404
Amazon’s product portfolio Donna Jestin Aug 2014 402
Advertising Slogans Quiz Jim Riley May 2010 398
Organisational Culture: Factors influencing the Culture of an Organisation and Cultural Differences Jim Riley May 2014 396
Marketing Strategy - P&G Takes the Axe to its Brand Portfolio Jim Riley Aug 2014 395
A good example of price elasticity of demand Jim Riley Mar 2008 394
Q&A - What is a bank loan? Jim Riley May 2009 390
Q&A - Why might high labour turnover be bad news for a business and what can it do about it? Jim Riley Dec 2010 388
Q&A - What is repeat business and why is it important? Jim Riley May 2009 383
Q&A - What is meant by “synergy” in the context of a business acquisition Jim Riley Dec 2010 382
Marketing Strategy - Twins Add Value to Humble Homewares Through Design Innovation Jim Riley Aug 2014 381
Revision Quiz - Costs, Revenues and Profits Jim Riley Oct 2011 380
Q&A - How important is location in determining business success? Jim Riley Dec 2010 379
The story of the Tangle Teezer (and the importance of perseverance). Michael Albanese Jan 2014 373
Lesson Starter - Brand Logo Bingo (1) Jim Riley Sep 2010 372
Q&A - How does the acid-test ratio differ from the current ratio? Jim Riley Jan 2011 371
How did Aldi crack Tesco’s hold on the market? Penny Brooks Jul 2014 371
Q&A - What is price discrimination and why do businesses use it? Jim Riley Jan 2011 370
Debit Credit theory – An introduction to double entry bookkeeping Nial Satis Jan 2013 369
Revision Quiz - Marketing Mix (20 Questions) Jim Riley Feb 2010 368
Starter activity - Talkabout Graham Prior May 2009 368
Revision Presentation - Problems of Takeovers and Mergers including Integration Jim Riley Jun 2014 367
Q&A - Is there an optimal level of gearing? Jim Riley Jan 2010 359
Lesson Worksheet - Marketing Mix: Promotion Basics Jim Riley Aug 2010 358
CSR - Unilever’s Strategy & Culture of Sustainability Jim Riley Aug 2014 357
AQA BUSS4 Revision Webinar - BUSS4 China Lines of Analysis Jim Riley Jun 2014 355
What’s going wrong at Superdry? Tom White Apr 2012 352
Q&A - Why might a business use psychological pricing? Jim Riley Jan 2011 350
Leadership & Change: Sergio Marchionne Drives Culture Change to Turnaround Chrysler and Fiat Jim Riley Aug 2014 349
Games consoles and the Product Life Cycle Tom White Nov 2013 348
Q&A - Explain what a bank overdraft is Jim Riley May 2009 348
Q&A - What factors determine the amount of working capital in a business? Jim Riley Jan 2011 346
Revision Presentation - Corporate Social Responsibility Jim Riley Apr 2012 346
Revision Presentation - Recruitment & Selection Jim Riley May 2012 345
AQA AS Business (BUSS2) - Revision Quizzes Jim Riley Dec 2012 345
Q&A - What are the main personal sources of finance an entrepreneur can obtain for a start-up? Jim Riley May 2009 344
Its accrual world.  A guide to accrued and prepaid expenses Nial Satis Jan 2013 341

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