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Edexcel A2 Business Unit 4a - Greggs Case Study Analysis

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mark Tottman's superb in-depth analysis of the Edexcel Unit 4a Exam Case Study on Greggs plc is now available for purchase and immediate dispatch. Mark has continued to use the popular and successful format from previous case study analyses, dissecting the stimulus material on Greggs to provide students and teaching colleagues with unrivalled insights into the key features of the Greggs case.

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Exam Countdown Timer for A & AS Level Business Studies

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Here's a very simple, but totally unsubtle reminder for your students on the upcoming dates and times of the AS and A level exams in Business Studies for the AQA, Edexcel and OCR awarding bodies.

Follow this link to download the 'Exam Countdown' file.  There you will find a small and easy to use Powerpoint file called 'Exam Countdown'.

Follow this link for a quick tutorial on how to use the resource.

Open and run the slideshow (ensuring that you have 'enabled macros').  The screen will change to a setup slide after a couple of seconds.  Click on the exam that you wish to remind your student about and the countdown timer will start.  The timer shows how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remain before their exam starts.  There's nothing like instilling a sense of urgency!

Please note this file is fully functional.  If you would like an editable version (where you can edit the times, dates and 'event') you will find one as part of the 'Super Teacher Utility Belt' resource available from our PowerPoint games-based learning site.

Making the most of Edexcel ResultsPlus- updated for Jan 2013

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Read on to find out how to print out individual grade reports for all your students using the complete results spreadsheet you can download from ResultsPlus

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tutor2u teaching & revision toolkits for pre-released case studies - summer 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our popular teaching & revision toolkits for pre-released case studies (and research themes) for exam units in summer 2013 can now all be ordered online or by downloading and sending us this printable order form. Links to each below.

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Using the Edexcel A2 SuperGroup Toolkit

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Author Mark Tottman provides some extra guidance for Edexcel students about how to make the best of his superb Unit 4a revision toolkit on SuperGroup:

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Hotel Chocolat - British Chocolatiers on the March!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Angus Thirwell the co-founder and CEO of Hotel Chocolat is immensely grateful to Joanne Harris and Juliet Binoche. respectively the author and star of the hit film Hotel Chocolat. The movie educated a generation of aspirational chocolate lovers in how to pronounce Hotel Chocolat and has helped millions of consumers in Britain and around the world advocate the hit chocolate retail brand without committing a pronunication faux-pas! I wonder how many satisfied customers realise that Hotel Chocolat does not exist? Perhaps they have typed the name into Trip Advisor hoping for a review of a retreat flowing with rather wonderful chocolate made from a St Lucian plantation? 

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Edexcel Business Studies Unit 4a - Supergroup Toolkit

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Mark Tottman’ superb analysis of the Edexcel Unit 4a pre-release case study on Supergroup is now available. Colleagues who kindly pre-ordered the resource have had their copy shipped to them today.

The Unit 4a toolkit on Supergroup provides a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the pre-released material. It explains the key issues raised and outlines potential student responses.

In keeping with the requirements of unit 4a, the focus of the toolkit is Supergroup’s strategy, particularly in the context of it internal strengths and weaknesses and the challenges faced by the rapidly changing external environment in which it operates.

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Economic Influences in action - austerity hits IWB maufacturer Promethean

Friday, July 27, 2012

Business Studies students often find economic influences a difficult topic to get to grips with. Here is a current example of a firm that has been hit by tighter government budgets brought about by recession and the need to cut spending.

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SuperGroup / SuperDry Update for Edexcel 4a

Friday, July 06, 2012

The pre-released case study for Edexcel Unit 4a (Making Business Decisions) is now available and the subject of the evidence is SuperGroup - owner of the SuperDry fashion label and retail empire.

The case study evidence is largely drawn from 2010 up to the summer of 2011 and paints a broadly positive picture of the fast-growing SuperGroup business. However, as keen followers of the business news (and this blog) will be aware, much has happened to SuperGroup recently which has cast a shadow over the performance of the business. SuperGroup shareholders have certainly had to experience a roller-coaster rise recently!

We’ve added a series of news links below which will help students (and their teachers) update their understanding of SuperGroup strategy and performance. We’ll update this list over the coming months as students get to grips with the case study.

I’m delighted that Mark Tottman has once again agreed to provide his superb, comprehensive analysis of the SuperGroup Edexcel Unit 4a case study - and this can now be pre-ordered here. Mark normally completes his analysis by early September - so we’ll aim to ship pre-orders then.

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Introducing the tutor2u Twelve for 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

After a relatively successful series of picks last year, we’ve now come up with our suggestions for twelve firms to follow for A2 business students wanting to deepen their understanding of real businesses as they prepare for their final exam papers this summer.

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Investment in People - Google and Human Capital

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Google and Human Capital

Here is a link to a recent article on Google’s approach to investment in people. Written from a Google perspective inevitably there are none of the criticisms that others have made of human resource management in the Googleplexes around the world.

However, the article is useful in explaining the huge emphasis that Google places on being transparent with their workforce and in giving employees freedom, autonomy and purposes in their jobs. I am sure A2 students will be able to draw some useful insights from reading through it.

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Edexcel A2 Business Unit 4a - Toyota Case Study Toolkit

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Many Edexcel centres use Mark Tottman’s brilliant analysis of the pre-released case study for Unit 4a each year, and they’ll be pleased to hear that Mark’s toolkit for the Toyota Case Study (2012 exams) is now available for immediate delivery from tutor2u.  Details further below.  The order form below also includes details of the pre-released toolkits which can now be pre-ordered for other exam board units.

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Olaf takes the knife to management hierarchy

Monday, September 05, 2011

A great example of delayering a top-heavy organisational structure. Olaf Swantee is a name with which I guess very few of us are familiar.  But he might find himself being referred to in several A* business essays in the next few exam sittings if students use the case study of Everything Everywhere…

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Skype CEO on Aims, Growth, Risks and Motivation

A very useful interview here with Tony Bates, the UK-born CEO of Skype which is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft. Technology firms and brands continue to be a superb source of business lesson case studies and examples.  There is much in the interview which students ought to add to their notes - particularly A2 students wanting some research-based evidence for their exam essays.

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A2 Business: Six key global trends that are shaping business strategy

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Students who can point to some overriding trends which help shape strategic direction and choices are much more likely to write interesting, persuasive and evaluative essays.  This new report by consultants Ernst & Young is a pinch of gold dust for such students, as it examines in a reasonably accessible way six broad, long-term developments which shape business around the globe.

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Edexcel A2 Business Unit 4a - Specification Resource Map

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The key topics on the Edexcel A2 Business Unit 4a (Making Business Decisions) have been mapped to all the content on the tutor2u business studies blog in a new specification resource map.  You can download the resource map from the link below.  As new resources are added to the blog, the Edexcel Unit 4a resource map will update automatically.

Download Edexcel A2 Business Studies Unit 4a (Making Business Decisions) Specification Resource Map

Culture & Change - The Challenge Facing Nokia

Monday, September 27, 2010

This has to be one of the best newspaper articles for a Year 13 business student in many a long year…

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Strategy in Action: “Buying Growth is Not a Strategy”

Monday, September 20, 2010

Here’s a slightly different but certainly topical example of business strategy for the teacher and/or student that wants an example of an external (inorganic) growth strategy that can go seriously wrong.  This article on TechCrunch will not suit every student, but the more confident will find plenty of rich business studies material in the analysis and evaluation of Intel’s M&A strategy.  Some good examples in there about how takeovers destroy shareholder value more often than they they add to value.

Edexcel GCE Unit 4a - Strategic Analysis of Morrisons

Monday, August 30, 2010

Many thanks to Mark Tottman who has, once again, produced a superb strategic analysis to support the latest pre-released case study for Edexcel GCE Business Unit 4a.  For exams in 2011, the case study is supermarket chain WM Morrisons.  Mark’s analysis, which is ideal for all Edexcel Unit 4a centres, is now available from our online store.

Business strategies as we emerge from the recession

Sunday, February 07, 2010

A quick heads up on a five-part, daily series in the FT this coming week which examines the strategic options for UK businesses as they emerge from the recession.

It starts with a look at how business and marketing planning has been made harder for B2C firms by the increasingly unpredictable nature of UK consumers.

“In a series of investigations over the next five days, the Financial Times will examine the dilemmas companies face – from how to get finance to what to do about supply chains and opportunities for green business”

People without a subscription to will probably hit the FT’s paywall with this link, but here it is anyway.  Might be worth getting the FT print edition this week for this series though.,s01=1.html

Brompton Bicycles - Guardian Profile

Monday, November 09, 2009

Terrific news for Edexcel Unit 4a students - the Guardian has a feature article today looking at the growth and strategy of Brompton Bicycles.  Its a really useful article which focuses on the added value that Brompton provide to its growing customer base.  Some great examples in too there on the role and benefits of staff training, the challenges of retail distribution and on production capacity.

There’s a great quote too from the Managing Director:

“Our patent ran out nine years ago, and if we were making this bike in Taiwan, staff turnover would mean that knowledge would be lost. Years of love have gone into our staff,”

Edexcel A2 Business Unit 4a - Brompton Bicycles

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our teacher and student revision toolkit for the Edexcel Unit 4a Pre-Release Case Study on Brompton Bicycles is now available.

Mark Tottman has provided a comprehensive analysis of the Brompton case, following the highly successful format of his previous tutor2u toolkits for the Edexcel A2 Business exams.

Some sample pages from the resource can be downloaded here:

The toolkit may not be ordered online for immediate delivery here:

Exam Board resources

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Exam board specific materials will be added to the relevant subject blog categories

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